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Hello, my lovelies,

I made my first Instagram post in summer and I completely forgot about that one until now. But it’s time I continue with posts like that considering everyone is using Instagram and it’s easier to get to know each other this way. Although, lately I’ve also been posting these photos on my facebook page. It would be kind off weird to just post the photos where I stopped because then it was still summer so I decided to start somewhere in the fall.

afrodita event

Afrodita event was my first beauty event and I’m really happy I could participate and meet my blogger-buddies.

This is one memory from my trip to London to the Madame Tussaud museum. Maybe I’m going to write a post about that too but since already 3 years passed since then, I’m not sure how much details could I give you. And, yes, I love soccer.

At the end of October I was at the wedding of my dear friends and it was really perfect. I always get mushy at weddings.

One photo of my outfit on that wedding although it was already dark so my phone was not so good at taking good photos.

At the end of November was my birthday so my friends surprised me with a really beautiful decoration of a table in one restaurant.

And, of course the birthday can’t pass without a mini photo session.

Then, it came the Christmas season so I took a lot of walks around the shopping centers with my baby and I also caught some of the Christmas decorations.

I recently also got these L’Oreal lipsticks and I’ve already written a review about those HERE.

With my husband I visited the Christmas fair in Zagreb and then we went together with our friends to the Salaj family Christmas fairytale and it was really phenomenal there. In the end I was really sorry we didn’t take our princess with us but I was somehow under the impression that she’s still to small for that.

We were also in the CineStar movies to watch the Star wars movie, I love that movie, but more than this I love the Imax because the CineStar in our city is a lot smaller than this one.

We went to get something to eat to the Yellow submarine and they get every recommendation from me. Great place, food and the waiters.

WE decorated our tree on Christmas eve, but this year smaller one because also this one barely survived our baby. And of course, it had to be a pink one this year.

And, of course, more photos from the tower center for the holidays.

You already know how much I love summer and I already miss it so much so here’s a photo from the beach.

Ever since I bought the Avon nail polishes, I don’t take those off of my nails. I constantly switch the pink and the red one.

Pixi glow tonic amazed me completely and I had to write a review about it, of course.

I didn’t make any selfie photo for a long time because I’m not the biggest fan of those. But here’s one just in case.

Our first snow with our baby girl but I’m somehow under the impression that the mommy liked it much better than the baby.

Essence lip liners and I also wrote a review on those so you can read it here in case you already didn’t.

And to end this post, one of my pregnant photos from the last year. Here I was just counting the last couple of days before our baby arrived.

And, that would be it for today. If you’re still not following me you can do that easily by clicking the LINK.

How did you spend your time lately? Are you using Instagram?


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