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Today I’m going to move a bit from the beauty themes and since I’m caught in the Instagram mania I decided to share my photos here also for all of you that don’t have Instagram. Lately I’ve been uploading photos almost every day so for the ones among you that don’t have Instagram, you can follow me by clicking this LINK.

I already mentioned how much I love summer and that we go somewhere to the sea side for our vacation. Although my address is next to the sea, it’s just not the right feeling if we don’t change the surroundings for a while. So this year we spent 10 days on the island Rab.. PS. If anyone of you is spending their vacation there, feel free to let me know because in the end of the week we’re going to be there again.

When we we’re first time here, there was this event named Rapska fjera. It’s their traditional festivity that lasts for 3 days and the crowds were enormous but still we didn’t miss a single night because the food variety was really great.

Sunsets in the summer are really beautiful so I didn’t miss the chance to take photos of that too. The only problem was that with my phone the photos aren’t looking so great.

My little princess is now 6 months old and we love her each day more and more. No, this photo wasn’t taken now, in case you’re asking why the baby has the socks and a thick shirt on in this summer heat.

The full moon was looking so beautiful when we we’re going back home. So when we were waiting for our ferry I took a couple of photos with my phone and this photo here was my most successful one.

We had to return home because my sisters baby was celebrating her first birthday and I couldn’t miss that for anything in the world. There was a big crowd of children there with the Minnie Mouse theme and I was teleported back to my childhood.

NIP+FAB night cream and the Caudalie oil are my perfect duo for my night care and soon I’m going to write a review about these products. It was supposed to be written today but if I find the time it’s going to be finished next week.

Essie Russian Roulette and Bourjois Fuchsia Perche were ideal for my walks trough the shopping center. I already mentioned how I want to have all the colors from their line, but so far I only have these two.

Sunset and sea with my husband. Sometimes the grandma-sitting-service comes handy so we can relax a bit too.

And for the end of this post another photo from my honeymoon on the Maldives. The most beautiful sea, the climate, beaches, oh just everything.

What have you been doing the last month? Are you using Instagram? If the answer is yes, feel free to leave me your accounts in the comments so I can follow you too. What do you think, should I continue with writing posts like this one here?


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