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Hello everyone!

Today, it’s impossible not to notice how almost every day famous people, influencers, bloggers go into cooperation with makeup and fashion brands and I’m aware that it bothers a lot of people and how many of you don’t like collections. I’m not one of those people and I like to see all kind of different products no matter if they’re cooperating with a celebrity or not. If I like some brand especially, then there’s nothing better than to find out who they will work with and how will that look then. This is exactly what happened with this collection, a great brand, the always beautiful glow queen Jennifer Lopez and this amazing cooperation came to be.

I can’t exactly say I’m one of JLO career followers and I don’t know any of her current songs, but in my opinion, this woman is simply beautiful and with almost 50 years on her shoulders, she looks perfect. Now, many of you will say it’s easy for her to look like that because she has a whole team in the background : D OK, yes she has them, but no matter that, I still think she is amazing and who wouldn’t like to look like her when they are 50?

I’m not so sure how much fame this collection got in Croatia and if we have Inglot, but the people from Ireland love Inglot and this collection really rang every bell it could.

JLO didn’t have any cooperation with makeup brands so far and now, with Ingot, she came out with 70 different products! Yes, you’ve read it right, 70 different products, in variety range from lipsticks, lip glosses, bronzers, eye shadows, highlighters and eyelashes.

I was really excited when I went to check out this collection and of course, I decided to get a couple of things for myself. The thing I wanted the most was the Radiant highlighter, but the store that was closest to me sold it out really fast so I ended up ordering it online. With this product I also ordered two eyeshadows and one pigment. In fact, I liked this whole collection, lip glosses and lipsticks looked awesome, but I just didn’t want to stack up on those things. I think Ingot has some really great quality eyeshadows, gel liners and lipsticks so in case you decide to buy some of those things, make sure to first check out their quality. And, not to forget to mention their cult Duraline, SOS product which is a must have for all those make-up lovers out there 😀

And now, let’s start with the review and swatches of the products I chose.


Jennifer Lopez collection contains 20 eyeshadows, but I chose only two, and they are: Sienna and Cafe Au Lait. I began to combine my own palette from the Ingot eyeshadows only with colors I’m really going to use and it will soon be complete and then I’ll show it to you. These two colors fit into my palette perfectly because, like I already mentioned, I really love warm brown, orange shades.

SIENNA is my absolute favorite, a wonderful matte shade. The pigmentation is like with all the rest of Ingot eyeshadows, brutal, and this is what I really love about their eyeshadows. This shade is a warm orange-brown, it’s beautiful to use as a transition shade or over your whole eye lid. It crumbles only minimum and it can be blended beautifully.

CAFE AU LAIT is also a matte shade. It’s brown and if you combine it with Sienna you can get a wonderful look. Same like Sienna, it crumbles only slightly, but nothing that would be worth complaining about.

Each eye shadow has 3 grams. The expiration period is 18 months. The price for it is 8€.


JLO, in cooperation with Ingot, released also 5 beautiful pigments. I read somewhere that these pigment shades are almost the same like the ones from the regular setting, but I only have one of their pigments and I didn’t look into the other ones too much. Since I didn’t own any similar pigments, I opted out for the color Silver Dollar. This shade definitely has nothing to do with silver because it’s a soft pink-golden shade. When exposed to light, it shimmers beautifully and you can use it either as eyeshadow or as pigment. On the swatch photos I showed you how it looks when used with a base and how it looks without. I like to use all the pigments on some sticky base and for this purpose Dazzle Lock or Smolder cosmetics showed as the best one. Before I was using the Nyx glitter glue but with it I had a problem that everything transferred on my upper eye lid.
You can also use this pigment by spraying the brush with Mac Fix + to get a wonderful stronger intensity.

The amount you get is 2 grams. The expiration period is 18 months and the price you pay for it is 20€.


This collection also has two illuminators for the face, eyes and body in the shades of Radiant and Luminous. I opted out for the Radiant which is a bit lighter than the Luminous one.
This highlighter is my absolute favorite in this whole collection, and maybe also in my personal collection too.
I like for my highlighter to be visible out from outer space, and if you’re using this one that is definitely going to be the case. Of course, you can apply it in smaller strokes but be very careful. You can also spray the brush for extra strong effect.
I even put it into one of my fixators that I really don’t like too much and now I found a new use for it. So, I can hardly wait for my summer vacation to spray myself with this glow 😀
This product really screams Jennifer Lopez all over.

Highlighters I usually use and buy mostly have some different golden shade, but not this one. I really don’t know how to exactly define this shade. When I look at it in the box it seems like it’s copper-golden, but on my skin it looks a bit different so I decided I’m going to let you be the judge of what shade it really is by letting you take a look at the swatches 😀

This is a powder highlighter but the packaging is pretty neat to handle so I don’t think you will have problems in case you decide to buy it.

The amount you get is 2.5 grams. The expiration period is 18 months. The price is 24 €.

 Sienna, Cafe au Lait, Pigment with Smolder primer, Pigment without primer and Highlighter

In the end, I would only like to add that this collection, in my opinion is truly awesome, their products are really how I like them, they’re of good quality which is something really important to me, and they also have a nice box. The pigment I don’t need so much but the eyeshadows and the highlighter are my favorites and I happily use them.

Do you like JLO and Inglot? Do you like this collection too and the products I picked out?


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