I Heart Makeup I ♡ Chocolate and Peaches – Review


Hello everyone,

For good three months now I’ve had the I heart Chocolate and Peaches palette, but I just couldn’t find the time to type the review about it. Right after I got it, I “dipped” my fingers in, although I usually like to take photos for my blog first. After this, I bought the NYX Brights palette, and considering how I’m enjoying all kind of bright colors, this palette was a bit forgotten.

This palette was bought over the TAMbeauty web page for the price of 11.48 €. The palette itself weighs 22 grams, and it contains 16 eyeshadows. I think the packaging is gorgeous, it’s plastic peach chocolate and this is their x, y palette that comes in this kind of packaging. I also have the yellow version which I think is good, but how much I like or don’t like this one, continue reading and find out more.

This palette was supposed to be a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I don’t have that one yet, but I had a chance to try it out so I’m going to also write something about if they are similar or not.

I heart Chocolate and Peaches palette contains 16 eyeshadows and you also get the applicator with it but you can’t see it on the photo because my baby girl already got her hands on that one 😀 But, you really don’t need it because you don’t have too much use of it. Inside of the palette, there’s also a big mirror which comes handy in case you don’t have another one at the moment ?

This palette has, like I already wrote, 16 eyeshadows from which 7 are matte and the other 9 have shimmer in them.

I’d say their pigmentation is medium high, but that also varies from color to color. Some of the eyeshadows are low pigmented while some of them have high pigmentation. The ones that are lower in pigmentation can be upgraded easily. The swatches you see on my hand look good in pigmentation, but I applied 2 layers, and when you’re using them on your eyelids, you will have to apply some of them even three times, which is a thing I don’t like so much. The eyeshadows don’t crumble, they’re easily applied and blend together nicely.

In the first row, you’re going to find 5 colors, and only one of them is matte. The names of the colors are: Delicious, Fruit, Soft, Choc and Delight. In this row, my favorite is the color Soft, it’s a pink shade with a golden shimmer, but it’s unfortunately very low in pigmentation level. It’s the same with the Choc color, but the other ones are ok in the pigmentation level.

The second row has 6 colors and here you can find only one matte color. The names of the colors are: Sweet, Candy, Rich, Peach, Taste and Nice. This row is low in pigmentation, and especially the colors Candy and Rich which are very much alike.

The last row has 5 colors and this is my favorite row. The colors are: Lush, Fine, Lucious, Keen and Satisfy. I really like these and they’re all very good in pigmentation level.

I also tried the Too Faced palette and I also wasn’t too satisfied with the pigmentation level, but you don’t need to upgrade them and it’s easier to do a look with it. The colors are similar, so you don’t really need both palettes, and this one is, of course, cheaper.

I’m not completely satisfied with this palette because of its lower pigmentation level, but the last five colors are really great and therefore I’m going to continue using it. I think, for sure, you’re going to find similar palettes but better in quality for this price range.

Did you try the I heart Makeup palette? How do you like these colors?


  1. what a stunning palette! I do have the sweet peach though, so I don’t think it’s worth me buying this one but it’s definitely amazingly priced! x Love your photography too by the way! x


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