I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow


i heart makeup bronze and glow

Hi everyone,

Recently I made the order at TAMbeauty web page and I ordered Chocolate and Peaches and Bronze and Glow palettes. Today, I’m going to tell you about Bronze and Glow, and in another post about Chocolate and Peaches.

Bronze and Glow is this really cute small palette in the shape of a chocolate and this is already the third time I’ve fallen for this cute packaging. I ordered it over TAMbeauty web page for € 8,40. For the moment, it’s sold out, but they keep filling up their products, so I’m positive how you’re going to be able to order it again soon. This palette has 11 grams and the expirations period is 12 months.

I’m not sure if I ever wrote about the fact how I’m crazy about highlighters and I really like it when I’m practically glowing and so far, I haven’t found anything to replace the Mary Lou highlighter but I also like to try out the new stuff all the time. In case you know something that glows better than Mary then make sure to let me know ?

So, this small palette has two parts. One of them is a bronzer and the other one is a highlighter. For the part that is supposed to be the bronzer, I wouldn’t even say it’s a bronzer, I’d say it’s a product to help give your face better contours. It’s also a bit too light color for my face and it would better fit girls with a lighter complexion. On me is not even visible, you will see on swatch 😀 As far as I’m concerned, I think that a bronzer should have a lot more glitter in it and in this one they’re not visible.

The second part is the highlighter and with its shade, it reminds me of Mary Lou, but with a lot less intensity. This shade is soft gold and another good thing is how easily it can be upgraded because it’s not so highly pigmented. Apply two or three layers to get more glow if you like it as much as I do.
It’s easy to blend and it will last through the whole day on your face.

It says that its aroma is something like chocolate, but to me, it really doesn’t smell like chocolate at all, the bronzer maybe a little but the highlighter kind of smells like some sort of a syrup.

The packaging is, like I already said, really beautiful and only this fact would make you want to buy another pack. But, somehow it doesn’t seem too solid. The lid closes really weird, but I’m not sure if this is only a thing with the pack I got or it’s like this with all of the packs. On the inner side of the palette, you’re going to find a small mirror which is going to come handy in case you don’t have some bigger mirror around.

So, I can’t really say that I was too thrilled with this palette, but for the girls who have a lighter complexion, it could really be an interesting product. But also for the ones among you, who don’t like to glow too much.

Are you using bronzers or highlighters? Which ones are your favorite ones?


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