H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush – Golden Peach, Spicy Pepper and Tango Pink


Hello my dear people,

I’ve realized that I really didn’t write too much about blushes on my blog because it’s got to be pretty much one of the rare cosmetic products I’m not stashing up like a hamster 😀 For a long time now I’ve been using the Sleek blushes and I was very satisfied with them so there was no need in replacing them. The thing is now, I had slightly enough of one and the same color all the time (Sleek Rose Gold) so I recently decided to try out something new. This is when my choice fell exactly on this H&M blushes. What attracted me most was their nice looking packaging, great reviews and affordable prices.

The blushes come in nice black-gold boxes that really look fancy, but in fact they are plastic and they seem pretty fragile to me. This is one of those casings where you can clearly see your fingerprints on them and after a while they will look as if you’ve been using them for years 😀 These blushes don’t come with any additional accessories at all, like the mirror on the inner side of the box or a brush which is something that’s not bothering me at all. Each color has 5 grams. The expiration period is 18 months. The price is 7,99 €.

This blush line has really a nice variety of colors, I’d say maybe 12 of them, some of them are completely matte while the others contain shimmer.
The colors I’ve chosen are: Golden Peach, Spicy Pepper and Tango Pink.


Golden Peach is this beautiful peachy shade as the name itself says. It’s a shade, that is very similar to Sleek Rose Gold, the difference being in the fact that the Sleek blush a bit higher in pigmentation level is and it’s slightly more pink, while this ones’ color more resembles to a peach color. I found it funny, how I ended up taking very similar shades, but it’s simply something I really like. Its pigmentation level is good and you can easily upgrade it if you want. This color will give you that beautiful natural, healthy look. And if you like blushes that give you that certain glow, then you should definitely try this one. This color blends so easily that it’s really a true delight working with it.


Tango pink is a beautiful pink matte color, not too cold or to warm so I’d say it would easily fit everyone. I’m not a real fan of the matte blushes, but I have to be honest that I’m positively surprised with this color. It’s not too heavily pigmented but you can also upgrade it as much as you like and still you’ll end up looking natural. The texture on every blush is same like with this one, buttery and it’s easy to apply and it’s so much easier to work with them than it is with the Sleek blushes.


Spicy Pepper color is my favorite and I can honestly say that I’ve become obsessed with this product. To me this color is totally unique and it’s perfect for this fall/winter time. The shade is similar to brick color, something between brown and orange with a gold-coppery shimmer. This is one really heavy pigmented shade and you have to be a bit careful with it so you don’t overdo it, but it’s extremely easy to blend and it really boosts every look to amazing levels.

All in all, I really liked these blushes and I think they offer you good range in quality and price. While I tested them in the store, I noticed that their textures are very alike, but the pigmentation varies, some of them are higher and some of them lower in the pigmentation level so it basically depends on what you prefer. As for me, I prefer something in-between so I can upgrade it and don’t end up looking like a clown in the end. Regarding the lasting of it on your face, I’d say it’s great and if you spray the whole look at the end, when you finished doing your make up, with MAC Fix+ or something similar the blushes bind perfectly with the rest of your make-up (at the moment, I’m using the PIXI Milk spray). I’m satisfied with my choice of colors, especially with the shade Spicy Pepper and Golden Peach. I like the Tango Pink too, but I’m not that much of a fan of matter blushes so I use it a bit less frequently than the other two. These blushes also have powder word as a part of their name and this led me to think how they’re going to be powdery, but they’re really not even close to that.

These blushes have a big plus from me and I’d definitely like to try out other colors from this line, but for the moment I really have enough of blushes 😀 I also saw they have awesome bronzers so this is something I’m definitely going to try out next.

Have you tried the H&M cosmetics? How do you like it and what else would you recommend for me to try?


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