H&M Nail Polishes – Very Berry and Mysterioso


hm lakovi za nokte

I didn’t pay much attention to the H&M cosmetics until recently and I would usually go to the store to get some clothes and would just avoid the cosmetics section. I know, really weird for me? But that changed very fast because the packaging of their products started to pull me closer and recently I budged and bought couple of things and first I want to show you are the two nail polishes in the shades: Very Berry and Mysterioso. One of them was really great and the other one was the complete opposite and you can read in the review why that is so.

hm lakovi za nokte swatch

These nail polishes come in glass bottles in the amount of 9 ml and the packaging itself reminds me of the Golden Rose nail polishes only with a bit different cap. On the cap top the names of the shades are written. The expiry date is 24 months. Price of every one is 29,90 and you can buy them in the H&M stores.


h&m lak za nokte very berry

This nail polish caught my eye right away because I’m a big fan of the berry shades and it looked a lot different in the artificial light than on my nails but I still think this is a really beautiful color and one of my fall/winter favorites. And when we’re talking bout the fall/winter favorites, it’s about time I finished that post to the end. The wonderful berry shade I get after applying only two layers of the polish and it’s drying really fast and that is always an advantage. What I also like about this polish is its thick brush so the applying it is very simple. This nail polish was on my nails for 4 days and it looked like I just put it on and me usually remove every polish after four days because that is somehow my limit for any polish.

h&m lak za nokte very berry swatchIn the day light


h&m lak za nokte mysterioso

This shade is in everything the pure opposite to the Very Berry. The brush here is also thick, but it was all somehow tousled and that made applying the nail polish really hard. Probably this is not the case in all of them but I got one of those unfortunately. The other bad thing is that every layer I tried to put on was so unevenly applied and it’s really bad pigmented. I had to apply three really thick coats to get the color to the fullest but then the drying was the problem. It’s drying really slowly and when I apply that third layer I have to wait really long and still I’d get it damaged somehow after all that drying. It feels like it just won’t dry completely. I know this sounds weird, but this is so annoying and I didn’t manage to have this polish on for a single day without it being damaged somehow. So this one, for me is a total failure which is a complete pity because the color is so nice. On some of the photos it looks like it’s a deep purple shade, which it actually isn’t. On every photo it looked different but I think the swatches I got here were somehow the most realistic ones I managed to take.

h&m lak za nokte mysterioso swatchIn the day light

It’s interesting that these two shades in quality total opposites are. Very berry is really great both in quality and in color but Mysterioso won’t do any good only for lying around and take room. But I’m going to buy another H&M nail polish because the variety of colors is really good and I’m going to hope I get another one like Very berry and not one like Mysterioso.

How do you like the two shades? Did you already try H&M nail polishes or any other cosmetics from their brand?


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