Guide to Using a Derma roller


Skin damage occurs to everyone mostly due to aging, but other factors can also be involved. Outside factors like overexposure to the sun, smoking or being around smokers, and toxins in the environment all damage the skin. Skin care issues like acne and stretch marks also contribute to the problem. With so many causes, it’s almost impossible to protect your skin from harm. That doesn’t mean you can’t repair the damage that’s been done. The Derma roller may just be the right treatment method for you.

Understanding the treatment

A Derma roller is a hand-held device that uses the microneedling process to treat the skin. It has a roller on one end that has numerous, medical grade, micro needles that are rolled across the skin’s surface. By penetrating to the dermal layer below, it reaches the area where repairs take place. The micro needles create micro channels to the dermal area where elastin and collagen production occurs. This method encourages the production of these essential ingredients to begin skin regeneration. New cells are created to replace damaged cells, resulting in rejuvenated skin.

The only drawback of this process is that it does not instantly produce major results. You will quickly see some improvements, but it takes more time to see the full results as the skin keeps producing collagen for a while after the treatment. Also, it will take several sessions if the skin issue is moderate or severe.

How it compares to other treatments

There are many other well known treatments available at professional clinics such as radio wave therapy, ultrasound treatments, and many different types of laser treatments, but they are far more costly and have greater risks and side effects. The Derma roller costs less and for very mild issues, you can purchase your own device for at home usage. Yes, the other devices may provide more immediate results, but you will pay a lot more for them as opposed to the microneedling procedure.

Enhancing the results

The one feature microneedling offers that makes it truly special is that the process makes the skin receptive to rapid absorption of products like collagen enhancing creams, vitamins, and minerals essential to skin care. Collagen masks, serums, and lotions are often used immediately after the Dermaroller process.

Other ways to enhance the results is to avoid further damage to the skin by avoiding smoking, limiting sun exposure, and eating healthy. These are things that are suggested for skin care regardless of what treatment you seek. Used along with the treatment, you will see better results.

Side effects of treatment

No matter what type of treatment used, there are always side effects, though they do range in severity. In the case of a Derma roller, the side effects are mild and temporary. Because microneedling improves blood circulation in the skin, it results in a temporary flushed appearance. This usually lasts only an hour or so, but for deeper treatments, it might last a day or more. If the skin is injured prior to treatment, you need to wait until the injury is healed completely before having the procedure done.

A question frequently asked is how painful is the procedure and the answer is that it depends on pain tolerance. Most people say there is no pain, it just gives a strange sensation as the roller is used. If you want, you can easily use a topical anesthetic just before the procedure to temporarily numb the skin.

Deciding if the treatment is worth it

Now that you understand what is involved in using this device, it’s time to decide if it’s worth being treated. That’s entirely up to you. First consider the fact that it doesn’t cost nearly as much as other procedures, meaning you won’t spend a fortune trying it. It does take a little longer than other treatments to see the full results, but if you are patient and willing to wait for your skin to regenerate with natural healing, the Derma roller may just be the right one for you.


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