GREEN GIRL Take It Off Face Cleansing Balm – Review


If you’re tired of the so called micellar solution that you can now find all around the stores when you need something to remove your makeup then this is the post for you. Today I’m going to write about a face cleaning balm that I’m using to remove my makeup.

This balm comes in a glass jar with a metal lid in the amount of 100 grams and the price for it is 100 Croatian Kuna. You can order the balm over the facebook page Green Girl cosmetics. The expiration date is 10 months and you need to keep it in a cold and dark place. The aroma is really gentle and it won’t bother your nose.

I’ve been using this balm for around 5 months now but not on daily basis. I use it only then when I have my full make-up on because I really like how it removes my make-up efficiently. I take a small amount of the balm and apply it on my dry face and then I rub it in circular motions over my skin. It starts to melt right away under my fingers and that’s how it melts the make-up away. I use it to remove my mascara and here it also showed as a great thing. I repeat this procedure for about 2 minutes and after that I wash my face. You can also clean it away only with a towel but I somehow like to wash my face clean. It will remove my whole make-up without any trouble. After I wash my face it still stays a bit oily so after that I also like to wash my face with some face cleaning gel and then the oily feeling disappears.

Take it off balm didn’t cause me any problems with my skin and I think it’s a really great product for the ones among you that are having problems with dry face skin. The ingredients of the balm are great as are all the products from the Green Girl natural aroma-cosmetics factory. I’m very satisfied with how it’s removing the make-up and I’m going to continue using it. And I also recommend the Green Girl what’s not to like face wash gel and I wrote a review about that product here.

Do you use face cleansing balms or are you faithful to the micellar solutions and face cleansing gels? Which one is your favorite balm?


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