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Hi my lovelies,

today, it’s time for one interesting post and it’s about Gerard Cosmetics liquid matte lipsticks. The delirium about matte lipsticks is still going on, but for me it took longer to fall in love with this trend considering my lips are very prone to drying out. But, of course, I gave in like a true beauty blogger and I checked what’s offering in that department and I ended up trying out a lot of brands so I believe I’m going to write something about all of them.

These liquid lipsticks come in the same packages like lip glosses and they only contain 1,75 ml. They were bought over the Beauty Bay web page for a price of 13.50 €. The packaging itself is nothing spectacular, it’s a simple matte tube with a golden lid which has a logo imprinted on it.

gerard cosmetic lipstick

My oppinion

These matte lipsticks are a real refreshment and thrill for me in all the crowded sea of matte lipsticks. Most of them dry my lips out, after a while they start to crumble on my lips and they become really uncomfortable to wear. With these liquid lipsticks it’s a complete different story., These lipsticks are so comfortable and light when you’re applying them that I really have the feelling like applying lip gloss. On the other hand, they’re really great pigmented and only one layer is enough. They need maybe a minute to completely dry so you have enough time to fix them if you applied them wrong in some spot.

Once they get dry, they don’t move from your lips. On some days I can go trough breakfast and lunch wearing them and it takes it until dinner to notice that they only started to wear off slightly on the inner side of my lips towards the outside. So, if you’re worried about durability, here you really don’t have to be with these lipsticks, because they really last long.

gerard cosmetics cher and iced mocha

If I’m taking them off after only a couple of hours of wearing them, then I always use a two phase makeup remover because they’re really hard to remove. But, if I’m wearing them the whole day long then they’re really easy to remove with only a micellar solution.

I’m sure you’re also interested if they’re drying my lips out? I always put lip balm before applying them but I’ve also been using them without the lip balm and they’re really very gentle so there won’t be any sign of drying out 😀 I’m really pleased about this and, next to La Splash, these are my favorites. Their applicator brush is really soft and precise. The aroma of these lipsticks is really nice, somehow edible.

gerard cosmetics cherCher

gerard cosmetics iced mochaIced Mocha

Among the shades, I took Cher and Iced Mocha and I simply can’t make up my mind which color is my favorite. They might seem very much alike at first. Both shades are cold, Iced Mocha is a chocolate shade and Cher is more pinkish. I wanted to write how I love Mocha, but then I realised I love Cher the same and this is a reason why these two colors are very often on my lips.

gerard cosmetics cher and iced mocha swatch

Everything considered, I can’t be more pleased with these lipsticks, they’re extremly comfortable for your lips and I can’t find enough words of praise for them. If you’re on a lookout for liquid matte lipsticks, you have all the best recommendations from me for these here and I’m telling you there’s no chance you’re going to go wrong with choosing them. A+!!! Maybe the price seems a bit over the top for such a small amount, but they’re really worth every penny 🙂

gerard cosmetics cher and iced mocha swatchesCher,Iched Mocha

Do you like matte lipsticks? Which ones are your favorites?


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