GAMISS Maange Nylon Unicorn Makeup Brushes Set


Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if you remember the Gamiss skirt post, but at the same web page I also ordered this brush set and I’ve been using them for a while now and I think it’s time I wrote a review about them.

Honestly, I rarely buy a single brush, mostly I buy sets of brushes because like that I can find a brush for each purpose. Of course, not all the time all the brushes work for me, but majority of them fit my needs and this is the reason I buy sets. Now, that I’m all into contouring, this set seemed just right because there are a lot of brushes that I can work with.

As you can see, the design of the brushes is simply perfect. Dirty white unicorn handle. Can it get any better? And it’s really firm, no moving around this metal area. I used to buy brushes where it was really moving a lot and then it would also fall apart and then I’d have to glue it back together. They’re not to heavy or too light. They have synthetic hair, thick and it’s not falling out. Usually, after every use I wash only the foundation and the facial powder brushes, and all of the others I wash only once a week. On the photos here, you’re going to be able to see how on some of them the hairs are sticking out a bit and I removed those with the scissors afterwards.

I’m going to write couple of sentences about each of the brushes and what I’m using them for.

1. Powder brush – this brush is for powders, that is, to give your face a matte layer and this is exactly what I’m using it for. Maybe it’s a bit smaller, because I’m more a fan of the big brushes, but it works really great when I want to matte my face with the Nye Banana powder because that one has kind of a clumsy packaging with a smaller lid so this brush comes very handy to pick up all of the product from the lid and it’s also easier to matte the area around my eyes with a smaller brush like this one.

2. Brush for the blushing and contouring – this brush works great to apply the blush but also for the blending of the contours together. I don’t like brushes that pick up too much of the product because that makes me look like a clown so this one is just perfect and maybe one of the best brushes in this set.

3. Contouring brush – maybe you can’t see it too good in the photo, but this is a straight cut brush that is really precise to draw the contour line and I love to use it for that. And the brush I mentioned earlier, I’m using to blend the mentioned contour line.

4. Contour ad powder brush –
this is a multipurpose brush that you can use to make contours, apply powder, but I never actually liked to use brushes like these to apply powder. It’s a bit too soft for that. But, sometimes I use it to apply the bronzer or even the blush.

1. Highlighter brush – this brush really makes it easy to apply the highlighter, because it does it subtly. But, I prefer that my highlighter brushes are a bit thicker and I love to use a lot of highlighter. It serves its purpose, but I’m not using it very often though.

2. Blending brush – I have a couple of these brushes from the other sets I bought. Maybe it’s a bit too big for my eyes, but it does the work it was intended too pretty good and it blends the eyeshadows really great.

3. Eyeshadow brush – in this set you can find two of these brushes, one smaller and one bigger. To me, brushes like these are always too big but I found another great purpose for it. It’s soft and thick and it works great to blend the contours around and on my nose. There, it’s an ideal brush for that purpose.

4. Pencil brush – this brush had some hairs that were sticking out and I cut them off. I use it to apply the eyeshadow and the highlighter to the corner of my eyes. It’s also good to blend the eyeshadow under my bottom lashes in case I have heavier makeup. I also used it to do the contours on my nose and I think this is one really good brush.

5. Eyeshadow/pigments brush – this is a flat brush but it’s not so good in catching the eyeshadow color so I use it for pigmenting and it’s really great for that purpose.

6. Eyeshadow brush – this is the smaller version which I find really great and I use it all the time to apply my eyeshadow.

I really liked this brush set and I like to use it, especially brushes for blushes and contouring. You can buy it for 11 $, which I think, is a really good price for a set like this one and here is the LINK for the page I ordered it from. And they also have a lot of sets in their offer so check it out and see if you’re interested in any other sets.

How do you like the design of these brushes? Do you have any other recommendations for brushes that are good in quality and price?


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