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Hi everyone,

For the last 10 days I had a short break with writing my blog because I didn’t have my laptop with me and I was unable to write. But, I’m more than sure we’re going to continue in regular tone from now on with me posting two times a week because I have so much things I want to show you ?

These last few hot summer days were interrupted with some heavy rain, but since the summer is still on, at least calendar wise, I wanted to show you one swimming suit that arrived with my last Gamiss order. In one of my former posts, you could’ve seen the striped top and the striped romper, but in case you missed them, here are the links so you can catch up.

I really like swimsuits and I have many and most of them were bought over some web shop. Honestly, I’m not scared to order swimsuits online because, to be fair, my breasts are small and I can’t go wrong with ordering the S size. 😀 Though, sometimes it happens that the bottom part too small is.

So, this swimsuit was ordered over the Gamiss web page, for which I already made an introduction to you all before. I ordered mine in size S that really fits to the measurements on the web page. This swimsuit is nicely fitted and it’s of good quality which is a thing I was really delighted with. It caught my eye right away the moment I saw that the top part was made to look like two sea shells. ? The top part has a slight push-up, but it’s nothing excessive. One small minus is the fact that the part that connects the two shells a bit too long is, a bit longer than it looks on the photo. The top part is white, although it doesn’t look like that on the photo, but this was something I expected because in the description it said it would be white.


I’m most definitely satisfied with this swimsuit and my advice for you is not to be afraid to order them online because the measurements are exact and the bathing suit assortment they have is very diverse.

Do you dare to buy your swimsuits online? What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear?



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