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Yeepeee, I finally found some time to write a post about this product, and you had a lot of questions about it in my new in post. It’s the FOREO – face cleansing device with the anti-age system. Face cleaning is really important and I take this step very seriously so my interest for this product grew really fast ever since I heard about it. But I postponed the purchase of it because I already had my Clarisonic so I thought that I won’t need the FOREO. But, when it arrived to our stores it was constantly luring me in when I saw it in the Douglas store window and so I finally decided I’m going to have it and now we’ve been hanging out for about two months.

foreo recenzija

As I already wrote, face care and cleaning are something I really take special care about and I never skip that step no matter how tired I am in the moment. And the results are definitely visible on my skin. What I love the most is my evening make up removing ritual and cream applying after my baby falls to sleep. In my post I also wrote what is the difference with this product and the Clarisonic. The post is pretty long so before you start reading fetch a soda, tea, coffee or anything you like to drink.

What does the manufacturer say about FOREO?

LUNA cleanses, cares and regenerates making sure your skin is beautiful and youthful. Non-abrasive and antibacterial spots made out of medical silicone are for sensitive/normal skin. T- Sonic pulsations revitalize the skin giving it back its natural glow. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its low frequency mode. It cleans deeper and more effective than you can do it manually.

foreo luna

My impressions and the way I’m using my FOREO

When I was shopping for this device I had to pick among blue and pink colors and I chose this pink version because this is the one for the sensitive skin while the blue one for oily/mixed skin type skin is. Sometimes my T-zone gets oily but that is not so and so I finally decided for this other one for sensitive skin because my skin can react to everything and anything. Foreo Luna comes also in a mini version that doesn’t have the anti-age system. But I wanted the anti-age system because that was a novelty considering the Clarisonic doesn’t have it. And the size difference really isn’t that big. Both fit in your hand perfectly, they are ideal for travels because they won’t take a lot of the space in your travel bag.

foreo luna recenzija

FOREO device has on the front side, that is meant for cleaning your face, these small dots made out of medical silicone that will ensure you a deep cleaning and they will easily remove any impurities or makeup from your face. My opinion is that this device wasn’t meant for make up removing but you need to remove your makeup with the micellar solution before and then this device will help you remove any make up residues left on your face and it will clean your face profoundly. The whole procedure is about 1 minute long and you can choose from a couple of speed levels. I’m always using the highest level for the cleaning of my face. The device will memorize the speed you used last for cleaning so when you’re using it again, it will use the same speed like last time. I clean my face first with my micellar solution and after that I put some cleaning gel on my wet face. I lightly make the FOREO wet and then I start with the cleaning. First I clean one cheek in circular movements for around 15 seconds then after the signal I do my other cheek, then my forehead and for the last 15 seconds my nose and my chin. FOREO then gives a signal that the cleaning is over and then I press the middle button to pause it. I wash my face from the gel I’ve been using and my face is after the cleaning completely clean, soft, smooth and my pores are visibly reduced. With FOREO your face will be really great prepared for any further care procedure you have planned. After this, I spray my face with some face tonic and I let that soak in. After that I put the oil (in the night) or serum (in the morning) that I like to leave for a couple minutes on my face and after that I put my day or night cream, depending on the time of the day. When I apply my cream then I start with the Anti-age mode that then works with the low frequency pulsations over the silicone grooves and helps with the reducing of visible mimic lines and wrinkles. Anti-age mode I’ve been using in a way I lower the speed when I use it on the area around my eyes and for my forehead I again use the high speed. After I’ve been doing this in the beginning, I could really feel the pulsations on my face. But now the feeling is gone because my face grew accustomed to the device, I guess. I’ll admit, I sometimes skip the Anti-age mode in the morning because that time of the day is really mostly my chaotic time. But I never skip it in the evening.

foreo luna za normalnu kožu

I can imagine you see this whole process like a long and possibly exhausting. But, trust me, it’s really not like that at all. It’s very easy to use and you’re done with all of it in about 7 minutes although you’re going to use the device itself for around 2 minutes only. After the 2 months of using it now, my skin is visibly cleaner and I also noticed that in the time I’ve been using this device, my wrinkles are really reduced. My skin has become softer, smoother and shinier without any exaggeration. FOREO gently cleans your face so it didn’t irritate even my sensitive skin. I really like the fact that my skin is better prepared for serums and creams I’ve been using after every use of the machine itself. That wasn’t the case when I wasn’t using it before. When I was using the Clarisonic at first, I had some acne problems and when I started to use FOREO I didn’t have the same problem. What is a big plus with FOREO, in my opinion is the fact that I don’t need to change any additional brushes and that’s why I stopped using Clarisonic. We’ll see how the silicone is going to look after a year of using it but so far it looks like the day I got it and it’s really easy to clean.

Front side

Another technical thing I liked with FOREO is that ever since I first bought it and charged it, I didn’t have to do that again up until now and it still isn’t empty and I’ve been using it two times daily. And, of course this device is waterproof.

The only minus of this product is the price you pay for it if you want to buy it. But I won’t hold it against it too, because it really is worth every money you spent on it. Mine was bought in Douglas for a price of 200$, but the prices are really close even when you buy it online. And you can find great deals on Amazon.

For the ones among you that already have the Clarisonic, my opinion is maybe you don’t need FOREO, because both give great results considering the face cleaning. But for the ones among you that are having second thoughts on which product they should buy, my choice would be the FOREO simply because you don’t have to change brushes and because it has the anti-age mode. In any case, which ever product you choose you won’t choose wrong. I can only say I wouldn’t be able to live a day longer without this type of the facial cleaner.

Did you already try FOREO out? How do you like face cleaners like these?


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