Floral Skirt – OOTD


25 °C in Dublin!!!! That’s really something that happens rare and instantly, everyone around is jumping into their summer outfits. I adapted really fast so I also took my summer clothing out. But, what really bothers me is the constant wind blowing and my hair ends up everywhere during every photo taking, so please, don’t hold this against me.

This combination is completely my style, really girly. A simple pink tank top with a print skirt. The skirt is totally striking, with all the colorful flowers and butterflies. I ordered it over Gamiss web page and it arrived in about 7-10 days, and here you can also find the LINK where to find it. Considering the size, I’m something between S-M, but by their measurements I’m an M and they’re completely accurate. This skirt fits perfectly, like it was made for me. The material it’s made from is polyester. The skirt looks really great live, and, for example, this combination can also be very cool if you’re attending someone’s wedding and you’re not a real fan of the dresses. But it’s also great to wear it as a daily combination. On my feet, I have sandals, but you can definitely wear also the ballet pumps. The bag is also colorful with print and for some of you, it could be a bit too much also, but I can’t help it really, because I really love colors. It was bought in the Monsoon store and at the end of this post I’m going to put the links for everything I find. And now I’m leaving you to enjoy the photos.

Skirt: Gamiss
Top: Forever 21
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Monsoon

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