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farmasi cosmetics

Hello my lovelies!

Farmasi is a Turkish brand that sells their products on over 5 continents, in over 123 countries worldwide and its quality was recognized by over 350 million of users. They sell their products through catalogues but now they are available on Amazon so you can shop their products at FARMASI AMAZON.

Couple of months ago, from a girl I got a lot of products to try out so today I’m going to write about the decorative cosmetics she sent me and that I chose myself. Continue reading and see what I liked and what I didn’t like so much from all these products.

farmasi cosmetics review


farmasi elegant lipstick

This lipstick comes in a beautiful, black matte packaging where there is a logo printed out in silver lettering. I got this wonderful pastel pink nude shade which is really popular and I personally like it very much. This lipstick is highly pigmented and its structure is creamy but on your lips, it looks matte. Its permanence is good, I’d say for about 5 hours in case you’re not eating because otherwise it will wipe off. It didn’t dry my lips out and it didn’t smudge over the edges of my lips.


Price: 20.99$


farmasi eyeliner

Eyeliners are something I really adore and up until recently I’ve been using them on the daily basis. Now I use them a bit less because I’m trying out a lot of various products but I could hardly wait to get it. But I also have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with it. For a very long period now I’ve been a faithful Artdeco eyeliner fan and it seems like I’m trying to compare all the other eyeliners with it and it seems like nothing can replace it. What’s really bothering me with this eyeliner is its very short tip and I’m having trouble drawing a straight line with it. It ends up all kind of edgy. But it could also be me. Its pigmentation is not so bad, but it could also be slightly better and its permanence is unfortunately quite low because after a while it simply disappears on the outer part of the eye.


Price: 29,89$


farmasi magic pearls powder

I’m simply delighted with these bronzing pearls. This is my favorite product I got. They simply give your skin this beautiful radiating glow and fresh look on your face that I’m wearing them non-stop. Sometimes I’m wearing only them and sometimes I put them on some blush and they go together in whatever way I use them. They’re very good pigmented but not too much, just right so you can easily blend them. The color is something between light pink and brownish and it’s just right ? The amount you get is 20 grams but the product is going to last you for a long long time 🙂

Price: 12$


farmasi glitter eyeliner

Just like I love black eyeliners, I also love glitter and metallic eyeliners, maybe even more than the regular ones. This eyeliner has a bit too low share of glitter in it so I’m not completely satisfied but I’m waiting for the first layer to dry and then I apply another one and then it’s pretty good. It dries pretty fast so the whole procedure is quick.

Price: 3$

farmasi cosmetics swatches

Farmasi as a brand has really piqued my interests and there are still a lot of things I’d like to try out. They have really everything, from the perfumes, lipsticks, powders, blushes, brushes, really everything. I think everyone can find something for themselves so at least have a look at the online catalogue.

Did you try the Farmasi cosmetics? Which one is your favorite product?


  1. Wow, The Pink Nude lipstick indeed looks creamy and pigmented. Farmasi Cosmetics is also available in Malaysia and I think I should give this line a try too.. Thank you for the heads up.. =)


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