ESSIE Spin The Bottle Nail Polish


essie lak za nokte spin the bottle

Slowly, you all already know how much I like Essie nail polishes and their shades so today it’s again time to write a review of another one of their beauties. I wanted to write about Bahama mama, a beautiful shade for this fall and winter, but in the end I decided to write about the Spin the bottle shade because it was the polish I was applying on my nails at the moment. Continue reading the review and see some nice photos.

I’m more a fan of the darker shades and rarely decide to buy shades light as this one because I’m looking weird to myself even. But ever since I bought this shade I have to admit I’m putting it on my nails pretty often.

essie spin the bottle

The nail polish comes in the bottle in the amount of 13,5 ml and the expiry date is 24 months. I bought it in DM store when it was on a discount so I can’t remember its real price then but its regular price is 75 Croatian Kuna.

essie spin the bottle lak

The nail polish comes in a beautiful beige shade and I’m applying it in three layers mostly so I get a nice and even color. It dries very fast so the three layers don’t cause any trouble and applying it is done in really no time. On the photos here I have it on in two layers because I was a bit in a hurry and it also looks good. The brush is thick so the applying is really easy and that’s what I really like with Essie nail polishes. I know that Essie nail polishes before had the thin brush and I’ve got a couple of examples like that, but honestly, this thicker one I find much, much better.

essie spin the bottle swatch

What really amazed me with this nail polish is its durability. It lasted for a whole week and then I had to take it off because you could see already how my nails started to grow. I’m really satisfied if my nail polish lasts three, four days but this really surprised me. I can tell you that I have some Essie nail polishes that are damaged already after the second day, but that’s not the case with this one and all compliments on that from me.

essie spin the bottle recenzija

Did you try Essie nail polishes? Do you like nude shades like this one here?


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