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essie pink happy lak za nokte

Today I decided to write a short review of another Essie nail polish color. That is the Pink Happy shade. I know, I’m always writing about Essie nail polishes but in my defense, I really love them and I think in the last year I’ve been buying only this brand. Here and there I buy some other brand but that happens very rarely. Before I used to buy a lot of nail polishes from many different brands and then I decided to stop that crazy obsession. I gave most of my nail polishes away, some of them I threw in the trash and I decided from now on I’m only going to buy nail polishes I really use. One of my new colors I really like for this summer period is this one, Pink Happy. Continue reading and find out more about this nail polish.

essie pink happy nijansa

Pink Happy shade is a part of the Essie Pinking About You collection since the year 2014. It comes in the amount of 13,5 ml, with the expiration date of 24 months. I think you can’t buy this color in our stores anymore. But since I’m buying all my nail polishes over eBay with the seller beautyzone2007 and he’s got my most warmest recommendation the fact that the nail polish isn’t available in our stores anymore isn’t that big of a problem. The price for this nail polish is: 3.99 American Dollars.

essie pink happyPhoto taken indoors with flash
essie pink happy lakPhoto taken on the day light – on this photo the color seems authentic the most
The nail polish brush is thin and that is very common for the nail polishes in the American market. Before I used to complain about that because I liked the European type of the brush much better for their thickness. But with time I learned how to handle these ones also so the applying of the nail polish with this thinner brush is also very simple. You need two layers to get the full color without any marks or lines. Essie describes this color as a light berry – fuchsia shade. But to me this doesn’t look like a berry color at all. Especially not in the day light. When I was taking these photos, on some of them this color seemed like a real screaming pink color and on some of the photos more fuchsia. I really love shade like these during the summer and this one has been on my toe nails for a longer period now. This color might not be something really special and I’m sure you’re going to find something similar with Essence or Golden Rose brand. But I like this one because of its durability. When I have it on my toe nails I don’t have to repaint them for at least 2 weeks unless I scrape my nail somewhere. On my nails it last up to 5 days even with the fact that I spend a lot of the time with my hands in the water. Not every Essie nail polish color durability is the same but with this one that is really great. On my photos this color looks different every time and I tried to take the photos two times even but I can’t seem to catch the true color of it.

essie pink happy recenzijaPhoto taken in the day light
essie pink happy swatchPhoto taken with the flash
Are you maybe an Essie brand fan like I am? Do you like pink nail polish shades? How do you like this color?


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