ESSENCE the Gel Nail Polish – Gossip Girl and More Than a Feeling


essence nail polishes


It’s been a while, and I mean really, quite a while, since I last wrote a post about nail polishes, because I try to keep my nails short cause of my baby girl (it’s like I don’t know how to handle long nails anymore). And I don’t feel very high on the idea of taking photos of my nails while they’re this short because they just look dull. But, I managed to grow them a bit longer for now so I said I’ll give it a go with the photos of these colors.

Recently, I got these two colors of Essence nail polishes, and they are Gossip Girl and More Than a Feeling. These nail polishes come in cute, glass jars in the amount of 8 ml. The expiration date is 36 months and the price is 12,90 HRK.

essence nail polishes gossip girl

These nail polishes have a wide brush and it reminds me on Essie nail polishes. I really like it when my nail polish has a wide brush because it’s much easier to paint the whole nail surface right away. With both colors, you’ll need to apply two layers if you want to get the fullness of one color.

essence nail polishes gossip girl swatch

This nail polish dries very fast which is always a plus in my book, and another good thing is that the shine quality is really great. The durability is about 3 to 4 days, depending on what I’m doing. Recently, I went to visit my family and considering how I’m not doing so much work there and my hands are not so much soaked in the water, then the polish lasted for 4 days and then it started to peel off lightly.

The colors of these nail polishes are really beautiful like they were picked out just for me. More Than a Feeling color is this really beautiful burgundy color, while Gossip Girl is gray.

The price – quality range is in my book really great, and in case you’re not a big fan of colors like these, this gel line offers a lot more colors so I’m truly convinced how everyone will find something they’re going to like.

What do you think about these colors? Have any of you tried Essence nail polishes and what do you think about them?


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