ESSENCE Matt Lipgloss – Beauty Approved! and Girl of Today


essence matt

It looks like the lip trend is continuing and so far, I think how every brand has its own “racing horse” and it’s also the case with Essence brand. Recently, I spotted on their shelves matte lip glosses and today I decided to write about them. The colors I’m going to use are: Beauty -Approved! and Girl of Today. I think there are 5 shades altogether, but I’m not quite sure about that.

The very name of these lip glosses is kind of weird because it says matte lip gloss on the packaging’s and when it says lip gloss on something, my first thought is that it is glossy, so, tell me, how can a lip gloss really be matte??! Maybe they should’ve named it matte liquid lipstick or something like that. Anyways, it’s not so much important.

I bought two colors to try them out and they’re totally different in their quality. I was really amazed with one, while the other one is somehow average.


beauty approved

Beauty – Approved! is a really beautiful nude color, pretty popular for a while now and I’m totally in that phase now. I think I have a million of similar colors and shades and I can’t help it still when I see these colors. I’m pretty sure you’re all familiar with the so-called phase “Gotta have ’em all”. Well, it’s the phase I’m currently stuck in and I think it’s going to last for a longer period. ? Anyways, let’s talk about this lip gloss now.

The lip gloss comes in a simple, chubby packaging in the amount of 5 ml with the expiration period of 24 months.
The applicator is like made for my liking, it’s neither too big or too small, it’s just perfect size to be able to cover your whole lips with only one application. From what I saw, one layer is perfectly enough to get the color you wanted. It lasted through eating and drinking and after about 5 or 6 hours it started to fade slightly so I applied another layer and it ended up lasting through the whole day like this. Only after the full day of wearing it did I notice it started to feel a slight tension in my lips. But it was really a tiny tense feeling. My lips are really prone to get dry from almost everything, so, I’m super pleased with this one because it lasted the whole day without the tension feeling on my lips.

The finishing touch it leaves on your lips it’s really matte and somehow velvety with no gloss in sight.

And I also have to mention the aroma which is awesome, like caramel and I really want to take a bite out of this lip gloss.

Price: 20 HRK


Although these two lip glosses are from the same line, but their quality is completely different.

The packaging is the same like the “Beauty – Approved!” has. Girl of Today is a color in-between dirty pink and berry shade and it’s also really popular for this fall period.
The thing with this color is, is that it’s not so easily applied like the Beauty – Approved! Instead, you need to be a bit careful because you need to apply two layers so you get the complete fullness of the color. It’s a bit less pigmented than the other color.

The finish of this color is not matte and a slight gloss it’s visible (although on the photos it looks like both of them are glossy, but I can honestly tell you how Beauty – Approved! isn’t). I was thinking how this gloss is going to go away, but that didn’t happen. This color didn’t survive the food and it starts to fade after three hours. But, also with this color, the aroma is simply wonderful, caramel!

Price: 20 HRK

Although these two colors are different in quality, I like them both because I also like matte and glossy finish so this wasn’t’ a problem for me. But, if you’re really insisting on a pure matte finish, this will be important for you. I think this is a reasonable price, all of you can afford so if you like any of the colors, be sure to try them out.

Did you already try the Essence Matte Lip glosses? Which color do you like the best?


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