EOS Lip Balms: Sweet Mint and Strawberry Sorbet – Review


eos balzami za usne

On my blog was a giveaway of EOS lip balms going on so I’ve decided to write my own impression about those. Today I’m going to write you only about Sweet mint and strawberry sorbet version. I also tried the orange Tangerine version, and for a really long time I’ve been using Summer fruit which also was my first EOS.

eos balzami za usne sweet mint i strawberry sorbet

These cute, small, egg shaped lip balms came into my world like two years ago while I was watching at some Michele Phan videos and then I decided to get my own first sample Summer Fruit and ever since then I constantly made new purchases of the same. I recently saw that they’re being sold at vitacost so I bought the Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet and Medicated Tangerine. Medicated tangerine was a gift for my sister and at the end we came to the conclusion that only that one doesn’t smell so great. The fragrance is really something like medical and I’m really not a fan of that.

Eos balzami recenzija

So, these cute small balms come in the amount of 7 grams and their expiry date is 36 months. Both are 95% organic, 100 % natural and without Parabene. They also contain shea butter and jojoba oil.

eos balzami za usne recenzija


This lip balm looks like a small mint egg with a logo on the top and the bottom. When you open and close it you hear a small click so you don’t have to be worried it’ll open while in your purse. When you open the egg, on the bottom half you can find the product that is lightly puckered out so the applying is really easy and you don’t have to do it with your fingers. The aroma is a real mint and it’s what I really like about products. After you put it on your lips you can feel the cooling effect which lasts for about ten minutes and I find it really great, so I can almost say that this is my favorite EOS balm, although they are all same great quality when it comes to care. On the lips it doesn’t leave any trace and there’s no gloss. I had a small period when my lips were a bit dry and this balm solves the problem no time. I like it so much and I put it on my lips like constantly.

eos sweet mint sastojci


So, it’s the same shape of a mini egg like the sweet mint balm, only the color is pink and it’s strawberry flavored that I find really irresistible. On your lips it won’t leave any colored trace but I can say its maybe a bit more glossy than the sweet mint, but it’s also almost invisible. I always apply this one before my lipsticks because the lipsticks are much easier applied that way and they don’t dry my lips out. To me this is also another of those really great balms for lip care. To give you an example, if I’m using Labello I don’t see any improvement at all and with these I can see the difference right away.

eos strawberry sorbet sastojci

During the winter, my lips can get really dry and for that period EOS balms are too mild. But then I’m using Nuxe balm and Dio color reviver balm and I’m not spending a single winter without those.

I’m really satisfied with these balms and I’m for sure to keep buying them. In my opinion you get the best price at Vitacost.com web page for a price of 3.79$.


Do you use EOS lip balms? Are you planning to try them?


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