Empties #3


I haven’t written a post like this for a very long time because, in fact, I was thinking to stop collecting trash, but since I emptied a lot of products at the same time, I decided to write this post after all. Mostly, because some of the products didn’t get their own review and I’d like to mention some things about them.

Soap&Glory products have been drawing my attention for a longer time now, but unfortunately, they weren’t accessible to me up until recently. When I could finally get them, I decided to try out the body butter and the hand cream. This body butters’ texture is something more like a lotion and it soaks in very fast. The smell is somehow too intense for my taste and I just can’t get used to it and it also stays on your skin for a long time, and this bothers me. And, honestly, I hadn’t noticed any big difference since I started using it.
It’s the same thing with the hand cream. Its smell is lemony that I don’t like too much and the effect of this cream is really short lasting. After you apply it, it soaks in fast and it leaves your hands nice and smooth, but this is only a short-term effect. Long term, it’s not helping my dry prone hand skin at all.
I wouldn’t buy this hand cream again, but the body butter I would, but some other smell just so I give it another chance ?

Uriage CC cream is a good cream for a light coverage, but for girls with a darker complexion. The good thing about is that it has SPF 30. It didn’t cause any problems on my skin and it has my every recommendation. The only thing I don’t like so much is the lasting, it’s not so good, it fades away after maybe four hours after you applied it.

Aura Prime Me! I got as a PR product and I feel bad that I didn’t write a review for this product because I really liked it a lot. I’m sorry I emptied it and if I had the chance I would buy it again for sure, but they don’t have it in our stores. It’s white in color, has a light texture and it’s meant for balancing your complexion. I like it because it hydrates your skin good and the powder applied to this base holds really great.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer is my all-time favorite and it’s a small thing to say I only love it. Here in Ireland you can still buy it and I’m totally happy because of this. It covers the bags under my eyes great, it doesn’t hold in the small wrinkles and it lasts for hours. It doesn’t dry out the area around my eyes. If you have the chance, try it out.

Caudalie hydrating mask is one of the best things for my dry prone skin that gets dehydrated easily. I can say with certainty that it works even better for me than the praised blue Glam Glow mask. I used to apply it every third night, if needed even more often and my skin would be super soft and hydrated. I need to buy this again if I can find it, because I bought this one as a part of a gift package where you could’ve find three different mask types.

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is another perfect product I can’t go without. Unfortunately, I had only 2 packages and I emptied one and the other one is almost empty ☹ I’m not sure if I bought any of the lip balms after this one (except for Palmers’) and it’s very good for the dry parts of my skin or for scrapes when my baby girl hits herself somewhere. Multipurpose, excellent product. In case your lips are prone to drying out, and you happen to like matte lipsticks, then this product is something you should have. I never used matte lipstick more often than I’m doing now and my lips still look great. 😀

Garnier two-phase makeup remover serves my every need when makeup removing in question is. It’s also great for removing the matter lipsticks and mascaras. It doesn’t dry out my skin and I’d buy it again for sure.

Vichy Puretee Thermale gel is my favorite ever since it came to the market, but considering I like to try out so many different things, I don’t buy it every time after I empty it. I also wrote a review about it so I’m not going to say much here.

Vichy Aqua Thermal Light cream is great for everyday use because it’s light, it soaks in fast and it’s good in hydrating my skin. I already emptied a couple of these creams so I decided to try out something new now ?

L’Oréal Colorista spray in the color Greyhair was a complete fail. I’m sorry I even bought this one. OK, I know, my hair is dark, but still, this is not some kind of color spray, it’s some sort of light glitter spray, but the thing is, after you spray, maybe, two locks, it’s already empty.

Creighton’s Coconut & Keratin shampoo is a good, cheap shampoo. Here I found so many things to try out and this is the reason I didn’t buy it again, but I’m really satisfied. It does the work great and it leaves you hair clean, soft, maybe even too soft for my taste.

Cocoa Brown conditioner is a total revelation to me and I’m already on my second package and I liked it the most because it really helps with detangling my hair.

I also emptied a ton of shower gels, but somehow, I don’t think this is something that would be so interesting to you.

What was the main product in your cosmetics? Which of the products was the most interesting to you?


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