Empties #2


proizvodi koje sam potrošila

Time for another empties post. I really don’t like to pile up old and empty product packages so I throw it away really quickly, unless I plan to keep the package for something else. Some of the empty products I already threw away before I even took the photos so I don’t really have too much stuff. But in my opinion, the empties posts are really good because I always plan to give a short overview of the product and also if I’m going to buy it again. So, let’s start in some order.

lpm i yves rocher gelovi za tuširanje

Shower products I’m using like tons and more, although here you won’t see all I’ve spent. YVES ROCHER SHOWER GEL is from some of the Christmas collections but it was drying out my skin in the winter so I saved it for better days and I recently emptied it completely. That collection was really beautiful and I really bought a lot of stuff since then and I still have the nice and super cute shower gels shaped like a ball. This shower gel comes in the amount of 300 ml and I think they still have it on online shop. It smells really nice, like cocoa and raspberries but unfortunately it really dries out my skin so I won’t buy it again.

LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS shower gels with orange flower extract and sweet almond milk are a permanent resident in my bathroom. My husband and I, we both are true fans of those and mostly we use those for our showers and these two are our favorite fragrances. They don’t dry my skin out, smell really good and I really can’t find enough good words for them. I plan to buy them more and I think there are only two aromas I need to try out.

pantene i le petit marseillais regenerator

Can you remember my fiasco with La petit marseillais shampoo and conditioner? Well, I managed to use the conditioner completely somehow. And I did it the way that I used it on the hair ends after sunbathing, had it on my hair for a couple of minutes and then rinsed it out. I still can’t notice some extra effect but I emptied it and I don’t plan to buy it again. And the shampoo, well, it’s till in the corner of my bathroom waiting.

PANTENE AQUA LIGHT hair spray is my empty package for the, I don’t know the exact number now, really I lost count; and in the last new in post you could’ve seen I bought it again. No, there’s no real magic in this product and you won’t fall down on your hiny from how wonderful it is, but still I somehow like this product. Especially during the summer when I take it with me to the sea and spray my hair ends with it so they’re not so firm. And also I use it almost every day on my hair and it somehow makes my hair soft. And with all of that, it smells really good.

avene termalna voda maybelline maskara

AVENE THERMAL SPRING WATER in small 50 ml package fits ideally in my beach bag and I like to spray myself with it after I get out of the water. I like La Roche Posey thermal water a bit more so next time I’m going to buy that one.

MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL MASCARA is one of my favorite mascaras that you can find in our drugstores. It lasts pretty long and I definitely plan to buy it again.

DIOR SKINFLASH concealer is really a great product but not for those that have mountain size bags under their eyes like I do. It’s very quickly spent, the amount is small and the price is too high. I won’t buy this one again because artdeco has a similar product with a price that is much affordable.

apivita pjena za umivanje maslina i lavanda

And the last product is APIVITA olive and lavender face wash and it’s for sure my HG product for washing my face. I won’t say too much about it at this moment because I’m preparing a review on it in a couple of days now. What I can say is that it’s really a great product and I really don’t think I can find any good replacement for it.

Do you find these empties posts useful? Do you use any of these products?


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