Empties #1


Hi everyone,

For today I bring you a post where I’ll write about the products I used up completely and what I think about them. There aren’t many of them because I don’t like to keep empty boxes, and that’s why I can hardly wait to throw them away after I write this post.

So, let’s start with the products.

L’Oreal micellar
is for me the best micellar I’ve tried and that you can find in one of the chemist’s stores. I spent really a lot of packages. At the moment I’m testing another one, but I intend to buy this one for sure further on. It doesn’t have any special fragrance, it doesn’t dry my skin out and my eyes don’t burn after I’ve been using it, and it takes my make up off really good.

Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash is one of my favorite face washes you can find in one of the chemist’s stores. Sincerely, I really don’t know how many of these I spent, but more than 5, for sure. It’s true that I really like to try products like these out and that my face wash is from HG Apivita, but that one is a bit to expensive for the regular use. It smells really great and my face is really clean and fresh after I’ve used it and it doesn’t dry my skin out.

Green girl simply the best serum is one of my favorite products for a long time now. Its like made for my skin type and I’m over satisfied with it. I’ve been using it really a lot, without using a cream after it because by itself it was enough. Its expiry date is 4 months and approximately it lasted with me. These days I’m planning on ordering a new one.

Thayers Rose Petal witch hazel tonic I’m using the second bottle now, and I’m also really satisfied. It has a really strong rose fragrance, but after you apply it on your face, it perspires really quickly. My skin is after the use really soft and fresh and I have the feeling like the cream soaks in better. I definitely plan to buy this product further on.

Clinique anti blemish solutions lotion is a product I’m not using anymore because it’s not for my skin type any more, and it doesn’t say when the expiry date is, so I decided to throw it away. When I was still using it, I remember that I was satisfied, but at the moment it’s really not for my skin type so I won’t buy this product again.

Body care products, especially shower gels, I use tons, but since their arrival to our market, Le petit marseillais shower gels I’ve been using all the time. The ones peach an almond fragranced are in my favorites so you can really see how much I like them. They smell really good, they don’t dry out my skin and that is really everything I need.

Rexona maximum protection cream deodorant has been my favorite deodorant for a while now and I bought it again when this one was almost empty, and I continue to use it. It doesn’t leave any marks and there’s no chance I’m going to be sweaty after using it.

Moroccan oil hair mask you could’ve already seen in my Top 3 hair masks. My being amazed by it still lasts. Lately I’ve been trying so many new products and some of those weren’t so great so this hair mask is my savior.

MAC matchmaster liquid foundation is my favorite foundation that I’ve been using for years now and I already have a new one in my stash. During the summer, I replace this one with BB creams. The shade is really top match for my skin tone, it’s really light, and still it covers really well and the endurance is really great.

And that would be it. I can finally throw the boxes away.

Do you use any of these products?


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