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For today I had a different post planned, but it’s raining outside and my photos just wouldn’t come out good so I’ve prepared this post where I already had the photos prepared. I’ve already mentioned in my earlier posts that, next to lipsticks, hair products were one of my fetishes so for today I prepared a review of my new layout in the bathroom. In my July favorites post I’ve already written how much I like the Organix shampoo and coconut hair conditioner but there came to a bit of a problem because in my pregnancy the smell of coconut started to bother me so I had to find a replacement for it. Since I prefer the Parabene and SLS free products I picked the Desert Essence shampoo and conditioner. Continue reading and find out what my impressions were.

desert essence šampon i regenerator recenzija

Desert Essence green apple and ginger shampoo

desert essence šampon

The shampoo comes in a dark green tube with an apple picture and in the amount of 237 ml and its price is currently 6.06 $. The expiry date is 6 months. The shampoo is intended for the hair that needs volume and by using it regularly its promise is to make your hair shiny and soft. Right before I start I’m going to mention my hair really needs no volume boost but I let the fact lead me that the apple and ginger smell is going to suit me. The reason behind that was that only ginger helped me during the worst times with my morning sickness and apples smelled really good also at that time. The texture of the shampoo is a bit light and right the moment you turn the tube over it’s going to pour out (PS it looks like the first package was a bit broken because when I ordered it again I didn’t have the problem with the shampoo pouring right out, I needed to apply pressure on the tube actually). When you first use it you have to unscrew the cap because the tube has a protective foil under it so the shampoo wouldn’t come out during transport. The smell is really great, you can really smell the apple and it didn’t bother me like the coconut was. The shampoo isn’t containing any SLS which is a big plus with me because I’m avoiding products that have SLS in them. The shampoo doesn’t foam when you massage it in and you may find that weird if you never used similar products before. I always shampoo my hair twice and on the second shampooing it massages in much easier and it has a bit more foam.

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Desert Essence green apple and ginger conditioner

desert essence regenerator

The conditioner comes in a light green tube also with an apple picture in the amount of 237 ml for a price of 6.05 $. The expiry date is 6 months. The conditioner is milky white in color and it’s thick in texture. Same as the shampoo, it smells of green apples and after I use the shampoo and the conditioner my bathroom is fragrant for hours after using it. You keep the conditioner on your head for 2 minutes but I always let it work for at least 5 minutes.

desert essence regenerator sastojci


desert essence regenerator i šampon dojmovi

I shampoo the hair first twice and after that I’m using the conditioner that I leave on for about 5 minutes. As I mentioned already, the shampoo doesn’t make much foam but that doesn’t mean it’s not good at what it’s intended to do. Contrary to that, it did what it was supposed to do really great. After the shampoo I use the conditioner which soaks in really nice. Right after I rinse it out I can really feel how my hair soft is. After drying my hair is really soft and smooth and what I also noticed is that even after the third day after washing my hair still looks the same. It didn’t look dirty at all so I don’t have to wash my hair every third day anymore which I used to do regularly. On my hair it’s really visible that these products nourish and care for my hair. My hair is really dry form the constant exposure to the sea and sun, but these two products really help with that. And my hair is really tangle prone and now it’s really easier to comb trough after I dried it. My one problem with these products is that they give you volume for real and I don’t need that. But I solve it with the help of the hair iron.

desert essence šampon recenzija

These products don’t contain Parabene, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colors, silicones, EDTA, glycol or petroleum. They’re also not tested on animals. You can purchase them on the iherb web page.

desert essence regenerator recenzija

I’m really satisfied with this shampoo and conditioner. I’m definitely going to use them more because I find them really great and most likely I’m going to try some other line from the same manufacturer.

Did you maybe try these products? Which shampoos and conditioners are you using?


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