Cosmetic classic – Red Rouges



I picked the red rouge for my first ever blog post because of a simple reason – it’s a classic every woman should have in her cosmetics collection. With right shade selection, it works on every skin tone and that’s why you should pick a right shade for yourself, ladies, and wear it boldly!

Red rouge is definitely one of my makeup favorites, so I’ll introduce you to a couple of my favorite shades for daily and evening looks. You can read short reviews and see swatches below!

MAX FACTOR/RUBY TUESDAY 715 – I personally think this rouge is fantastic! It won’t make your lips dry and has a good price/quality ratio. It’s very stable and pigmented, which guarantees minimal corrections over the time you wear it. My personal preference is to wear it with evening outfits.
DEBORAH/ATOMIC RED 05 – My definite favourite for a night out due to a beautiful real red shade. Very pigmented and stable. It is little heavy on the lips and tends to have a somewhat drying effect, but I don’t wear it as much to confirm that 100%. Only flaw I can pinpoint is it’s flavour.

11(left to right: Deborah – Atomic Red, Max Factor – Ruby Tuesday, L’Oreal – Perfect Red, L’Oreal – Aphrodite Scarlet, Essence – Almost Famous)

ESSENCE/ALMOST FAMOUS 44 – I wear this rouge on a daily basis. It’s not stable or too pigmented, but has a hydrating effect and it applies easily. Smells pretty sweet, too. It’s also very cheap, so if you happen to not like it, it won’t damage your budget much. The case has been redesigned a couple of times, but it is still available in DM stores.
L’OREAL/APHRODITE SCARLET 06 – This rouge has a red/pinkish hue ideal for spring/summer days. It’s light and subtle and that makes it ideal for everyday use. It feels like a lip balm to me. It really hydrates! It applies easily and you can do it without a mirror because it’s not heavily pigmented and you definitely won’t over do it. Stability is not so great; it lasts an hour or so, so you’ll probably spend it sooner than normal. I’m in love with this line of L’Oreal rouges and I have a couple of other shades and colors, but more on that in one of the future posts.


L’OREAL/COLOR RICHE/PERFECT RED 377 – This rouge is true to its name. It’s truly a perfect shade of red. I have hue 371 from the same collection and I can verify that the line is truly magnificent. They hydrate, they are creamy and they apply easily. They are more than stable. I wear them for 5 – 6 hours without a single correction. It looks really good on the lips and it will make sure you don’t pass unnoticed!

(left to right: Deborah – Atomic Red, Max Factor – Ruby Tuesday, L’Oreal – Perfect Red, L’Oreal – Aphrodite Scarlet, Essence – Almost Famous)

Which one you liked the most? What’s your favorite red rouge shade?


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