Colors Of The Rainbow


One of the very interesting videos to me, from a beauty blogger on youtube, was exactly the colors of the rainbow tag, so today, I prepared a little bit different post for you. So, the idea is to pick a product or two from each of the colors of the rainbow that I like the most. In fact, only one should be chosen, but with most of the colors that is really impossible for me, so that’s why I picked two.


When it comes to the red color, I really hadn’t had any doubts which are my favorites. Of course, I picked a red lipstick and a red nail polish. From the red lipsticks I chose MAC Ruby woo, because, in my opinion, this is the perfect shade of the red shade of lipstick. I read a long time ago that this shade is special because it fits everyone, and also, I can say I really made sure that is the truth. My friends also love this famous Ruby, and each one of them has a different skin tan, and to be honest, I really can’t say which one of them the lipsticks fits better because they all look just beautiful with it. This shade is matte and is really dry and hard to apply, but this doesn’t stop me from making it my favorite.

And, talking about the nail polish, I choose Golden Rose rich color shade 24 and I have to admit that this is the second empty bottle by now, and I really can’t remember the last time I spent two bottles of a nail polish completely. It’s a really gorgeous red shade which is easily applied and only one layer is enough for me. When I have more time, I apply two layers, but that really isn’t needed. It dries really fast and I’m satisfied with how much it lasts on my nails.


For this color, it wasn’t hard to find my favorites, also. I chose Collistar oil in spray for hair protection from the sun because the summer is dangerously close; and, also I chose the L’oreal bronzer. Collistar oil I’ve been using last summer for the protection from the high sun at the sea and I can say I’m really satisfied. Really a great accessory for the beach because ti gives protection from UVA and UVB rays. My hair wasn’t so damaged as it usually tends to be after the summer. It’s a good care product for the hair, and with all this it smells really good, although some of you might say it smells like Autan. I already had a chance to use it this year, and I can only say I confirmed how this is a great thing so I plan to use it also this summer.
The other thing is the L’ oreal bronzer which is very easily applied, it’s pigmented really great and lasts long, and with all of this, it gives your face a really nice glow.


I have to admit, that from the yellow cosmetics I don’t have a lot of things so I had some troubles with this color, but in the end, I decided to list the MAYBELLINE colossal mascara as one of my favorites. It has a big brush, but still it’s very easily applied. I put it in two layers and it gives good volume. It lasts the whole day without getting smudgy and it’s easy to take off.


For the green color, I knew right away that my pick will go at the MACADAMIA hair brush. The perfect thing for my hair which is tangle prone. Only with this brush, I manage to comb trough my hair and I really don’t know what I’d do without it. My only grudge against this brush is that it’s a bit hard to clean and I never really can get all my hair out completely.


This color was also very easy for me because these two products I use more – less every day. They are TOO FACED eyeshadow base and one no name brush.Before I started to use the Too faced base, I was using the artdeco base and it was great, but the thing was it became to hard even before I managed to spend it completely and then it would become really uncomfortable to wear. After that one, I started to buy this one and I’m really satisfied. The eyeshadows are really durable with this base and for me, they hold the whole day.
The other thing is a brush I bought on eBay completely by accident and it comes in a package together with another 5 brushes, I think, but on my opinion, this one is the best to apply the liquid powder.


Purple is so not my color, but I managed to find 2 favorites anyhow. Well, one is not entirely purple, but still, they are AUSSIE hair shampoo and ESSIE nail polish in the shade BAHAMA MAMA. I was thinking I could put a purple lipstick also here, which I couldn’t resist this fall and winter, but in the end, I liked these two products better. Aussie shampoos I’ve been using since they arrived at our market. I really like to try new shampoos so I’m not using it all the time, but I reach for it constantly and I spent really a lot of packages until now. It makes the hair really soft and smells divine.
Essie nail polish is a really beautiful plum purple shade and I’ve been wearing it a lot this winter. Essie nail polishes have a great brush and are applied really easy. I use two layers and they dry very quick also.

Those would’ve been all the colors of the rainbow and it’s really a shame that there’s no my favorite color in there, pink. But, maybe that’s a good thing also, because, from all the pink things I have, I’d really have a hard time picking my favorite out. But for the end of my rainbow post, I’d like to add another product that holds all the colors of the rainbow in it, and that is the COASTAL SCENTS palette, and it really has so much more than the basic rainbow colors.

I hope you liked this type of post and that you enjoyed reading it.

How did you like this post? And what are your favorites in rainbow colors?


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