COCOA BROWN by Marissa Carter – Shampoo and Conditioner


I first discovered Cocoa Brown products when I got to Ireland and to be honest, before that, I never encountered them before or heard about them. And when I noticed how cute their packaging is, and, of course how the prices are low, of course I had to try these products out. Continue reading and find out what I like and what I don’t like about them.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Kind Shampoo

I bought this shampoo after I was delighted by the conditioner and I wanted to see is the shampoo as good as the conditioner and how they behave if I combine them together.

This shampoo comes like I already mentioned, in this super cute pink packaging. It’s Limited Edition although I’ve been seeing it on the store shelves for over 3 months now. The amount of the shampoo you get is 200 ml with the expiration period of 24 months. The price for it is 2.50 €. I bought mine in Primark.

On the shampoo, it says it’s meant for color treated hair and it’s going to give your hair more volume. What I noticed the first was the nice aroma, flowery – fruity, peach-like. The texture is sticky, pretty dense. With my long hair, I need a lot of shampoo so I have the feeling I emptied it fast. And when it’s almost empty, you’re going to have some trouble squeezing it out. It gives you nice amount of foam and it does the job of washing the hair good, but if I use only the shampoo without the conditioner, then the effect on my hair is a real disaster. My hair gets even more tangled and it looks really dry and like straw. In the combination with the conditioner it’s ok, but with using only the shampoo, I’m not satisfied at all.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Kind Conditioner

I bought this conditioner before I got the shampoo and I already emptied two of them. Unlike the shampoo, I think this conditioner is great. It makes my hair soft, smooth and it definitely helps untangle my hair no matter what shampoo I’m using in combination with it, and I already mentioned how much trouble I have with hair tangling. It also says this conditioner is going to give your hair volume and it really does so, although I don’t need that because my hair already is really thick. You really need to use only a small amount of the product and I apply it only on the lower part of my hair and on the part where it gets really tangled. The aroma is the same as with the shampoo, maybe a bit more floral than fruity.

This conditioner, like the shampoo, also comes in the same packaging in the amount of 200 ml. The expiration period is 24 months and the price is 2.50 €.

To me, this shampoo was a complete fail, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for some of you. The conditioner is great and I already emptied two like I mentioned and I’m going to buy it again, especially because of the fact I’m getting ready to go to the sea and then my hair gets into bad shape from the salt and the sun in case I’m not giving it enough care. The prices are also, more than affordable so I think they’re worth giving them a try.

Have you already tried the Cocoa Brown hair line? Which ones are your favorite shampoos and hair conditioners?



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