BYPHASSE Micellar Water – Review


HI everyone,

Approximately 2 months ago the Spanish brand BYPHASSE arrived. On that occasion I bought the micellar solution and the milk from the same brand and I also plan to try their tonic when I finally empty the supplies I have stashed at home. The milk I still haven’t used but the micellar solution I’ve been using since the day I bought it and you can continue reading to see what my opinion on that is.

This micellar solution comes in a transparent plastic bottle in the amount of 500 ml. When I bought this one, I already had a couple of micellar solutions at home but I’m a big fan of the pink color so I just had to have it. The expiration date is 12 months after you open it and its price is 40 Croatian Kuna.

What does the manufacturer say about the product?

Byphasse micellar solution is intended for sensitive, dry and irritated acne rosacea prone skin. This cleansing water contains micelles (small superficial active particles) that guarantee gentle makeup removal from your face, eyes and lips without leaving any greasy residue or the need to rinse your face after use. Thanks to the soap free, color or parabene free formula, Byphasse micellar will clean your face completely from any make up and won’t dry out your skin. It’s suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

My opinion

The micellar solution I’m using mostly evenings when I’m removing my makeup or in the afternoons also to remove my makeup. To completely remove the makeup from your face you need two pads (the bigger type) if you have a lot of makeup on your face and this micellar does the job excellent. It’s also good in mascara removing. The only thing I didn’t test is how it works with the waterproof mascara. I have a sensitive face skin but there was no reaction to this micellar so I can tell you its really good for sensitive skin as the manufacturer itself says. The fragrance is soft, almost unnoticeable. After you take the makeup off your face doesn’t feel greasy but I always wash my face with a face wash anyways after using the micellar solution. And also there’s no tension on your skin after using this because there’s no alcohol in it.

This micellar comes in a big package which is also practical because it has a lid that you can simply pop to open. But you should put the pad directly onto the hole so there wouldn’t be too much of the micellar coming out. I’ve transferred a small amount of this micellar in a smaller bottle because it’s more convenient for my trips.

I think this micellar would be good for all skin types because it’s mild and it still does the makeup removing really well. I find this to be a really great micellar and that it’s really a true bargain to get this big package for the price of 40 Croatian Kuna. I think I’m going to buy this one again.

Did you already try the Byphasse products? Did you try this micellar solution? What is your must have micellar solution?


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