Burgundy Skirt and Sweater – OOTD


It’s time for another outfit post, this time I made it a bit more interesting than usual, well, at least I think it’s like that. And I think how I’m going to post a little bit more about cosmetics in my next few posts because a lot of you asked for some specific reviews and it’s better if I hurried.

I have a friend who finished a course for a makeup artist and we found some free time so she could do my make-up and so we could play with the palettes together. Because we both love those and we like to take a lot of photos while we do that. I can’t find the right words to describe how satisfied I am with the result of her work and with this post I’d like to say thank you once again. Thank you, my dear A. :*

I already mentioned how much I like jumpers, right? Here’s another jumper combination which, this time, was combined with a red burgundy tutu skirt which is, in fact, a dress 😀 I ordered this sweater over the Gamiss web page and I’m truly satisfied with this piece of clothing. On the sides, the sleeves are slightly open and it also has black bows. In case you think you might get cold, you can always wear a light sweater underneath this jumper. Its size is universal so I’m sure it would fit great also the girls who are taller than me.
After these photos were taken, I put on black pantyhose because it was, after all, a bit too cold for my taste, and I also had to go pick up my baby girl from the kindergarten.

This make-up was „spiced-up“ with the Smashbox metallic lipstick which I adore and it’s ideal for this upcoming before-Christmas time. Yeees, here everything is already in the Christmas setting 🙂

Sweater: Gamiss

How do you like this combination?


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