Blue Sweater – OOTD


Hello my lovelies,

Sometimes life simply happens and I’m unable to find time to write on regular basis as much as I would like it. Our baby girl just started kindergarten last week and then we had the adaptation period and I’m so happy that she adapted great so I’m sure now I will have more time to type. I really have so many things I’d like to show you and write about, but for today I’m going to share a light outfit post with you.

Fall in Ireland can get cold and I’m already wearing sweaters and coats, although you can still see people on the streets wearing short sleeved T-shirts 😀 But, I’m not personally a big fan of fall and winter and for me it’s too cold if it’s not at least 20°C outside.

This outfit is super simple, perfect for walks. Simple black pants, blue sweater and sneakers. I like these cozy combinations and you will see me in them most of the time. I ordered this sweater over the Rosegal web page and I find It’s quality is great and it has all the words of praise from me and the most important thing about it is that it’s really warm and it won’t make your skin itch in case you don’t have anything underneath ? It has all the recommendations from me in case you’re looking for something similar.

Usually, it’s not something I do to combine my makeup in the same colours I wear, but this time I really wanted something blue and honestly, I’m really satisfied with how it looks.

Sweater: Rosegal
Pants: Zara
Sneakers: Bugatti

What are your favourite fall/winter combinations?



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