Beauty Blender VS Hello Beauty Sponge


beauty blender i hello beauty spužvica

Hello everyone,

This is my first post of the kind and I’m going to talk about a duel between two sponge blenders. Beauty blender is a sponge that has made the world go crazy over it, and Hello beauty only recently arrived to our Bipa Stores. I’m bringing you my impressions about both of them and also about the winner among those. And I’m going to mention right away that there won’t be too many photos in this post.


Beauty blender I saw really a long time ago on one of those reality shows (can’t remember which one it was) and what really got me on the first sight was how the small sponge looked like, pink and spongy. It was really a long time ago so I can’t remember 100 % for sure which site I bought it over, but I think it was over BEAUTYBEAY.COM page where its price is 20 euro. I bought the package that contains two sponges because the price was also much better. Ever since I used the beauty blender for the first time I less stopped using liquid foundation brushes even also for the concealer. I use them on very rare occasions, but for the 95 % of time I’m using this cure sponge.


Hello Beauty sponge only recently arrived to Croatian markets and you can find it in Bipa stores at the price of 20 Croatian Kuna. I took it just to try it out and I was thinking I could use it instead of beauty blender considering it’s much cheaper. Hello beauty sponge comes in couple of shades and my choice went on yellow.

beauty blender i hello beauty

Sponges while dry


When you compare them when they’re both dry, BB is smaller in size and HB sponge is a bit bigger. Under your fingers BB is a lot softer and HB is somehow hard and sinewy.

When you soak them in water HB is still bigger although the BB grows in size. BB is still somehow soft and airy and it lies in the hand really good while the HB stays still the same in consistency, hard and sinewy.

The BB sponge is somehow just light and airy and the water comes easily out when you squeeze, while with the HB I somehow feel like you can’t squeeze the water out good and while I’m applying my foundation with it I also can feel the water mixing. With the Beauty blender I don’t have that problem and I tap and blend the foundation very good.
When cleaning is in question, the BB is also easier to clean; unless I’m using MAC powders (then the cleaning is a bit harder). I wash them after every use and the BB is dry the second day while the HB not yet.

Hello beauty sponge I have for a bit more than a month and I really tried to give it other chances but I simply didn’t like me and now is just gathering dust in my bathroom so I’m not sure if it decays over time. Beauty blender I throw away after 6 or 7 months but in form it’s the same like the day I bought it, except its color fades away a bit. And, yes, on these photos it’s the Beauty blender which is 5 months old, and I’ve been using it every single day.

beauty blender i hello beauty recenzija

Sponges while they’re wet


To me, BEAUTY BLENDER is an absolute winner in this duel and I’m not planning to buy any other similar sponges. It does the job it’s meant to do absolutely great and I’m really surprised about how a sponge can be so good. Liquid foundation merges with the skin really nice and that’s what I really find amazing.

Are you using sponges when you’re doing your makeup? How are you satisfied with those?


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