AVON Nutra Effects Micellar Water – Review


Hello everyone,

Today one quick review of Avon micellar cleansing water. I think that each brand, and I really mean every single one of them out there has their own micellar solution and I want to say I’m really glad because of that. Because that way everyone can find a micellar that will fit their needs right on the spot. I’ve really tried a bunch of them and in the lines bellow read my opinion of this one.

When I take my make up off, I always start with micellar water and I like when it does all the removing as much as possible and later I do the rest with gels, foams or emulsions.

This micellar water comes in simple, plastic bottle of 200 ml, and the price is 49 Croatian Kuna, but in the last catalogue it was on a discount and the price was 29 Croatian Kuna then. The expire date is 12 months. It’s formula is with active complex based on the soap nut.

To take the make up off, you need two cotton pads, the bigger ones, and with that, the micellar water showed to be really great. With it, I even take off my mascara almost completely. It didn’t cause any irritations with my skin, and also it didn’t dry out my skin or made my skin feel stretched. After the use of the micellar water, I like to rinse my face out with gel, even though it’s not necessary, but I do this with every micellar water.

The packaging is practical and the opening is just enough so it wont be any unnecessary spilling of the same. My only minus on this micellar water is the smell, which I don’t know how to really describe ( maybe a bit like acetone or some kind of cleaning stuff), but the smell disappears right after use so it doesn’t really matter.

For me, this micellar water was a really nice surprise and if you have the chance, try it out..

What is your favorite micellar? Did you try Avon micellar water?


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