apivita pjena za čišćenje lica recenzija

In my empties post I already mentioned this face wash and it definitely deserves a post of its own. It’s really too little said if I’d say I love it and that I’ve been using it for a long time now. Continue reading and find out what is so special about it.

What does the manufacturer say about the product?

It removes impurities and makeup off the face and around the eyes with special soap and natural cleansing particles without drying out your skin.

Olives give hydration and nourish the skin while lavender has the soothing effect.
Propolis has a gentle antiseptic and antioxidant effect.

Ideal for all skin types.

Exclusive innovation: Apivita replaced the water in their face cleaning line with the green tea infusion and so it made the effect of the antioxidant products even better.

This product isn’t containing any synthetic ingredients that can be harmful for your health or the environment.
In this product there are no SLES, SLS, mineral oils, parabene, silicones, and propylene glycol ingredients.

apivita pjena za čiščenje lica

My impression on this product

Apivita cleansing foam comes in a plastic, brown bottle with a pump and the amount is 200 ml. Online price you pay for it is 109 Croatian Kuna and the expiry date is 12 months. This face wash texture is creamy and one press of the pump is enough to clean your whole face from makeup. I use it in the evening to take my makeup off and what I really like about it is that it takes even my mascara off and that you wont have black circles around your eyes after using it. In case I have waterproof mascara on then I wash my face two times.

This face wash isn’t aggressive and it didn’t dry my skin out. During the winter when my skin is pretty dry this face wash doesn’t dry it out more which is the case with other face washes I use.
My face skin is after using it clean, soft and smooth. It can happen that when I use it, it gets into my eyes a bit but the plus here is that it’s not stinging my eyes.

With other face washes it used to happen that I used to get a couple of pimples but with this one that never happened because it’s really gentle and yet efficient.
What I most feared when I was using it the first time is that I’m going to have a problem with the lavender and olive fragrance but I can really smell no olive or lavender either which with me is another plus because it smells like some sort of candy.

The bottle containing 200 ml for me lasts up to 3 months so I think that the price and quality range is really great.

Over more than a year ago I started to turn more to natural products and ever since I’m pregnant I really take good care of that so it’s really a big plus this face wash contains 93 % of the natural ingredients and that it’s not containing any SLES, SLS, mineral oils, parabene, silicone or propylene glycol.

apivita pjena za čišćenje lica i područja oko očiju s lavandom i maslinama

You can buy it in the pharmacies where they sell Apivita products.

I’m more than pleased with this Apivita face cleansing foam and since I started using it, this is my HG (Holy grail) face wash I’m planning to use on. Of course I’m trying out some others from time to time but still I didn’t manage to find any that would take this one of its throne.

Did you ever try this product? What face washes are you using?


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