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Soft Glam palette is the first one I have from the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. I also always liked Modern Renaissance, but every time I wanted to get it, some other palette found its way into my heart before it πŸ˜€ But, then I saw that ABD is coming out with the Soft Glam palette and I knew right away I need to have it. It was love at first sight. It may look to you like some boring palette, but to me, it’s really not the case. I saw right away it was something I’m using on a daily basis but I can also use it for evening looks so I thought I could really find a lot of good uses for it.

I ordered this palette over the CultBeauty page for the price of 43 Β£. The expiration period is 18 months. The package is standard like with all the ABH palettes, velvet covered, only this time in some kind of a mustard shade. This palette contains 14 different eyeshadows

So, like I already wrote, this palette contains 14 highly pigmented shades. They start from these beautiful neutral shades, then go to shimmer-metallic ones all the way to these beautiful, warm, brown shades and in the end comes the dark shade. I’m definitely going to describe every shade later on in my post, but now I want to say a couple of words about the palette itself and I want to share my general opinion after a lot, maybe even too many times of using it πŸ˜€ 

This palette, without having too much thought about it, ended up on the list of the years’ favorites. I carried it with me on every trip I went and I reached for it every time I wasn’t exactly sure what makeup look I want. It became my β€žon-the-safe-sideβ€œ option that I’m positive I can’t go wrong with. I think this should be enough talking for you to see how much I like it! In this palette, I can find good use for every shade and it is an even bigger plus. Matte shades are beautiful, easy to use and to blend together. So, in case you’re only a beginner, I would definitely recommend it, especially if your colors are warm shades. Matte shades are great in the pigmentation level and I’d say they crumble only a bit, but nothing that you can’t work around and that won’t cause any trouble while applying them. Shimmer, metallic shades, maybe I didn’t think are that awesome because I have all of the shades probably in some other palettes, but combining them with the matte shades this palette simply looks complete. 

In this palette, there’s this ABH brush which I found very useful, which is something that surprised me because most of the palettes you buy have these brushes you can’t do much with. 


TEMPERA – first matte shade and, although very bright, it’s highly pigmented like all the other matte shades. This is a beautiful, beige shade which I use over my whole eyelid to set the base and I think I could soon start to see the bottom of it because I’m using it very often. 

GLISTENING – second in line and it may look to you like Fairy shade but it’s not. Fairy is more golden while Glistening more of a mix of golden, orange and pink is. I’d actually say it’s something peachy-shimmery that reflects pink. Its texture is very soft, middle in pigmentation level. You can’t strengthen the pigmentation by adding more levels and it works best if you apply it with your fingers. 

ORANGE SODA – is a shade that isn’t new. This palette has 4 shades that you can also find in their standard setting and you can also buy them as standalones. Together with Orange Soda, there are also: Noir, Dusty Rose and Sienna. Some of you will definitely bother that from the 14 shades, 4 are the ones you saw already so many times by now. To me, Orange Soda is a unique shade and I think it’s really lovely and I don’t think I have anything similar in my other palettes. Like the name itself says, this is an orange shade, with a matte finish. This is a shade with a warm subtone and I really like to use it, especially as a transition shade. It crumbles a bit, but I’d say that’s a thing with all the matte shades in this palette. And, when you’re applying it to your eyelid, it blends perfectly and it really isn’t a problem when you work with it. 

ROSE PINK – is middle dark, pink-coppery shade with a metallic finish. It’s beautiful to use in your fall looks. It’s a bit harder than the Glistening shade but much better in the pigmentation level, but my advice is that you also apply this one with your fingers or, like me, spray your brush with the Mac Fix +.

SULTRY – is another warm shade with a metallic finish. This is a middle dark shade, something between coppery and bronze. The texture of it is even a bit harder than with the Rose Pink and this is a reason why I didn’t like it that much, no matter the shade itself really beautiful is.

BRONZE – coppery shade, with a golden shimmer. It has a metallic finish, with a texture like Rose Pink shade. Also, like with all the other metallic shades, they work the best if you apply them with your fingers, and it looks even better when you use the glitter primer under it. Then its beauty really comes out completely πŸ˜€ 

MULBERRY – is one of my favorites in this palette. Well, that’s not exactly true because I love all the matte shades in this palette. Its texture is pretty dry and inside the palette, you can notice it crumbling, but nevertheless, it’s easy to apply and blend and it won’t come out uneven as you would maybe think going by the looks of the texture.  This is also a warm, dark, deep brown shade. 


DUSTY ROSE – is another shade which you can buy as a standalone if you like it a lot. This is also one of my favorite colors because, when I’m short on time for some longer makeup routine, I usually apply only this one and I really like how it looks on my eyelids either solo or in the combination with the eyeliner and mascara. The shade is mauve, light pink-purplish, with a matte finish. 

FAIRY – a beautiful golden shade, similar to the Mary Lou highlighter. Its texture is really, really soft so I ended up accidentally ruining it  Definitely to be applied with your fingers using a primer under it. 

BURNT ORANGE – this shade and all the others that follow are really wonderful and I could use only them, but that wouldn’t be fair to all the rest of the palettes I own πŸ˜€ This one is slightly darker orange than Orange Soda, it’s more like the color of the bricks, with a matte finish. It’s easy to apply and to blend with good pigmentation level. 

SIENNA – red-brownish, matte shade. It’s pretty much the same as with Burnt Orange, good pigmentation level, easy to apply and to blend. 

RUSTIC – is a classic brown shade, with a matte finish. Its texture is a bit harder than with the earlier two colors, but its pigmentation is really brutal. 

CYPRUS UMBER – dark brown shade, with a warm subtone, matte finish. Its texture is velvety and the pigmentation level is great. 

NOIR – is the last shade in this palette and this is a black color with a matte finish. This one you can also buy as a standalone eye shadow. Usually, black shades can be tricky to work with because they smudge easy, but this is not an issue with this eye shadow. It’s very easy to work with and this is one of my favorite black shades. 

U apply a base before using any of the eyeshadows and they stay on until I don’t take off my whole make-up. In case you’re a big fan of the ABH brand and you already own the 4 shades that are in the standard setting, then you definitely don’t need this palette, but, in case you’re, like me, a true fan of the warm, brown, orange tones then you have my recommendations to get this palette. Also, in case you like to experiment with looks and you don’t need a safe option, skip this palette. 

For me, it really was a great buy, I’m using it a lot and it deserved its rightful place on my list of the year’s favorites. With it I can make simple, daily looks, but also the evening looks too. This palette gets a total thumbs up from me! 

Do you like the Soft Glam palette or you’re not a fan of this kind of shades?


  1. I never got to try this brand and its products but I fell in love with this palette. It has all the colors I use and even more, I love the fact that ot has both matt and shimmery glittering colors, this way, one can use just one product alone for the entire eye make-up.
    Your presentation is great, your article is very well written and the pictures are awesome.

  2. This palette looks like the perfect neutral palette! And the pigmentation is so intense. I haven’t tried the Anastasia eye shadows and now I totally want to add it to my wish list.

    • That was my first palette from Anastasia but now I want Riviera too. It is really good pigmentation and easy to work with.


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