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Hello my lovelies,

On Monday I had the opportunity to participate in the Afrodita event so I hurried to type my impression on that one and also to present you some of the novelties arriving from their workshop.

I love Afrodita products and one of my favorites is their Sugar scrub. The event itself was held in Zagreb in the Esplanade hotel. After a nice and warm welcome and some chit chat with the other fellow bloggers that I met for the first time they started with the presentation of the novelties.

This year Afrodita is celebrating its 45 years of existence and on this occasion the presented their new line for the facial care called MA3GENIX which is meant for women above 45 years. The MAT3GENIX gives you a feeling of the skin being reborn and will provide the desired effect in 14 days because the advanced formula for smoothing the wrinkles makes your skin firmer and improves the skin structure.

This line is based on the natural and environmentally accepted ingredient MAT3GENIX.14G that is obtained from the Undaria pinnatifida algae. This brown macro algae with its reproductive tree, known also as Mekabu, contains reproductive algae cells with the beneficial effects of rejuvenation.

This line consists out of three products, and those are: Rejuvenating day cream, Rejuvenating night cream and Rejuvenating concentrate 3 in 1.

afrodita ma3genix

The Day cream gives your skin thorough hydration, intensively makes the skin firmer and reduces the wrinkles.
The Night cream with oil complex richly nourishes and vitalizes the skin and also regenerates its structure. With the ingredient Matrigenics.14G it also contains the rich oil complex of avocado, sunflower and wheat sprouts
Rejuvenating concentrate 3 in 1 with the precious pomegranate oil, vitamins and ceramides gives you the anti – age protection and skin regeneration and also the 24 hour feeling of the complete hydration.

Prices for these products:

MA3GENIX rejuvenating day cream – 84,99 Croatian Kuna
MA3GENIX rejuvenating night cream – 84,99 Croatian Kuna
MA3GENIX rejuvenating concentrate – 72,99 Croatian Kuna

Next novelties that were shown to us were the intimate care soaps and they come in the three different varieties: Natural Balance, 3 Active and Extra sensitive.

afrodita sapuni za intimnu njegu

NATURAL BALANCE – with added bio-active milk acid it was created specially for the care and protection of the natural PH balance of the intimate area. Aloe Vera soothes and moisturizes the skin while the jasmine extract helps in preventing the odor and so giving the natural freshness during the whole day.

3 ACTIVE – with the advanced 3-active formula works in 3 phases. It gives: 1. gentle cleaning, 2. mild hydration care that helps to restore and prevent the natural PH balance and 3. Simple shaving of the intimate area. Rosemary extract works antibacterial and prevents the skin from drying out while the oil complex is giving protection during and after shaving.

EXTRA SENSITIVE – soothing gentle formula, especially suitable for the care of sensitive intimate area skin. It’s based on the chamomile extract and bisabolol. It provides daily protection for the natural PH balance of the intimate area and with its mild antibacterial effect helps to prevent the irritation and inflammations. After use rinse it out with water. Only for external use.

These soaps come in the amount of 200 ml and their price is 26,99 Croatian Kuna. You can buy them in: BIPA, INTERSPAR, NAMA, DM, and soon in KOZMO and MUELLER stores.

Their last but not less important novelties are hair novelties. In face, to me as the hair product fan these novelties are maybe the most interesting ones. The products that were presented are: Burdock oil, Walnut oil, Argan oil and Serum 10 in 1.

afrodita ulja za kosu

Argan oil – rich mixture of natural precious argan, macadamia and coconut oils helps in regeneration of the hair, protects, richly cares, deeply regenerates, intensively hydrates and ensures your hair is shiny and beautiful.

Serum 10 in 1 – rich formula with three layers of care protects the hair form external effects and envelopes the hair in silky softness. The macadamia oil ensures deep revitalization and care that rejuvenates your hair. Carrot oil strengthens your hair and regenerates split ends. It also helps you with tangling problems.

Burdock oil – prevents excess hair loss and helps to protect the healthy look of your hair and hair growth. Soothes the irritated scalp, helps in revitalization and repairs the hair structure.

Walnut oil – exceptional natural walnut extract nourishes and regenerates dark hair and accents its shine. Vitamin E stimulates the hair growth and protects the hair and hair ends from external factors.

The prices for argan oil and serum are 34,99 Croatian Kuna, and for the walnut and burdock oil 24,99 Kuna. You can buy them in these stores: BIPA, NAMA, KOZMO.

afrodita noviteti

On the presentation of the novelties also participated the Afrodita expert consultant and you could really learn a lot about how to properly keep care for your skin and keep it healthy and beautiful. After the presentation there was a small brunch organized and the food was really great and the Štrukli (traditional Croatian dish with cottage cheese) were amazing. I really had a nice and fun time with all the other bloggers that participated in this event and I’d like to greet them also here.

Afrodita cosmetics really introduced a lot of wonderful products and I believe that each one of you can find something for herself. I’m going to start right away with testing the argan oil and serum and also the intimate wash soap. This event was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot and I wish Afrodita a lot of success with their novelties.

Which novelties caught your attention and what would you like to try?


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