Afrodita Cream Shower Gels – Review


For today I have for you a short post on Afrodita shower products that was written long ago but unfortunately I forgot to post it. But it’s never too late to give a good product a review.

These shower gels come in a flat, plastic bottles in the amount of 250 ml and the price is 15 Croatian Kuna, although you can find them on discounts really often. There are four types of the shower gels and those are: raspberry cream, pistachio cream, orange cream and vanilla cream. All of them have these cute vintage stickers in the front side that are just inviting you to try them out. I’ve already tried and emptied the raspberry and pistachio so I’m going to give you my impressions.

What does the manufacturer say about the product?

Rich creamy formula with a fresh fruity fragrance gently cleans the skin and gives the sweet experience of care in the shower. Rich with vitamin A, C and E complex and with gentle cocoa particles provides you the feeling of nourished, soft and clean skin. Not for consuming.

My opinion

Afrodita shower gels are one of the products in our market I really like and I’ve been using them for years now. So this new line was also really good and it didn’t disappoint me. It’s possible that it’s already one of my favorites. These gels have a really nice aroma, especially the raspberry one. While I’m in the shower the raspberry fragrance is spreading trough my entire bathroom and I find it really cute they wrote that they’re not for consummations because I really find myself wanting to eat those. It’s like you’re cooking a nice pudding. The pistachio aroma isn’t so intensive like the raspberry and it’s maybe more adequate for this winter period. The formula is really as they say in Afrodita, rich and creamy and after the shower your skin won’t feel tense and they won’t dry your skin out. They really feel rich because I don’t even need a lotion after them, at least not in this period. The gels are parabene and silicone free.

In case you still didn’t, I recommend you to try these great, cream shower gels. And I still have planned to try the orange and vanilla.

Do you like Afrodita shower products? What are your favorite shower products?


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