afrodita piling za tijelo

Today I decided to write a review of a product I really like so people wouldn’t say I’m always writing negative reviews. I really like body scrubs and I’m using them once a week or if I’m short on time I use them once in ten days. I like the sugar scrubs better than the salt based ones because they are a bit gentler and regardless to their gentleness they do a good job. For today I prepared the Afrodita 100% Spa Sugar body scrub which I’m using for a long time now, I’m actually on my third package and I’m still not bored with it.

Afrodita 100% SPA šećerni piling za tijelo

The scrub comes in a dark, plastic packaging in the amount of 175 grams. Under the lid there’s a protective foil so you know for sure that no one opened it before you bought it and dipped their fingers inside it. But I also saw some people in the store that aren’t to much bothered by the foil and they still open it in the store to see the product and that I really find annoying. The price of the product is 40 Croatian Kuna and you can buy it in DM and Muller stores but I also think I saw the product in Bipa.

Afrodita 100% SPA šećerni piling za tijelo recenzija

What does the manufacturer say about the product?

Efficiently removes the surface layer of dead skin cells and offers a sweet, vanilla fragrant skin care and leaves the skin thoroughly clean, smooth and soft to touch. Contains natural active ingredients.
Keep it at the room temperature in a dark space! Before you use it you need to stir it!

afrodita piling recenzija

My opinion of the product

To me this scrub has an aroma similar to vanilla and caramel and that’s what I really like with products like this. If you don’t like sweet fragrances then this scrub isn’t the right one for you. Before you use the scrub it is good to stir it really well and then use it. The texture of this scrub is thick and I’m always using it in a way that I lightly dry my skin and after that I take the necessary amount and start with scrubbing. This scrub isn’t rough at all and it’ll still do the scrubbing great. My skin is prone to drying out so that’s why I don’t like scrubs that are really rough. But this scrub really isn’t and I really like to scrub my body with this sugar scrub. What I also like is the amount of the scrub you get in the packaging, as in really a lot. After scrubbing it leaves a light oil film on your skin so you can really be sure that it won’t dry your skin out and there’s actually no need to put any lotions or body butters on after you used the scrub. Sometimes, when I don’t want this oil film to stay on my skin I take another round of showering with the shower gel and it disappears. The skin stays soft and it seems also nourished.

afrodita piling sastojci

I really like this scrub a lot so I get the feeling that it lasts really for a short time, but never mind that. I still plan to continue on using it. I always combine this scrub or Giovanni hot chocolate body scrub and really rarely I reach for any different scrub. If you, in any case, never tried this product before, I’m really recommending you to try it. With this scrub I also like to use the body butter from the same cosmetics line.

Are you using any body scrubs? Did you already try any of the products in Afrodita 100% SPA cosmetics line?


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