7 Shades Of… RED


Hi everyone,

I picked some of my favorite products in red from the decorative cosmetics. I’m always thinking when red color is in question about holidays, festivities. Must be because I’m wearing red lipsticks only on special occasions; well at least when the more vibrant shades are in question.

I’ve put here 3 nail polishes and 4 lipsticks. But first let’s start with the nail polishes. I’m not following any specific order because I like every one of those here and simply because of that they are listed here. And I really was having a hard time picking out only 7 things because in the end I really have a lot of favorites among red lipstick although I’m not wearing them so often.

Essie Russian Roulette is a classic red shade. And it looks really common but you already know I’m a big fan of Essie nail polishes. This shade lasts five days on my nails, you need two layers to get its full color and it’s drying really quickly. I’m wearing this one a lot during the whole year and especially during the summer and then it’s mostly on my toes.

OPI Danke-shiny red is a true winter – Christmassy shade and in that time of year this is the nail polish I’m using the most.

Avon Mineral Crush Ruby is a color that I had some doubts about should I put it on this list or not because I had it for a short time only. But I was actually really thrilled with it so I just had to put it here. This nail polish is completely different from any of the other nail polishes I have and I don’t have anything similar. I’ve gone completely crazy over this ragged effect and I constantly switch between this color and the pink one ever since I bought them. They’re a bit harder to remove but that’s really not so important because they can last really long on my nails especially if my hands are not in the water all the time. It’s very easy to apply because the brush is not too thick or to thin, it’s just right. And I always apply two layers.

Now let’s start with the lipstick and here I had a bit more trouble in choosing which to put on the list.

Deborah Atomic Red, Mac Ruby Woo, L’oreal Ruby Opera i Deborah Glossy stick

Mac Ruby Woo –I think the birds on the trees already sing how much I love the cult Ruby lipstick. The color is a true classic pin up red. It literally fits everyone and I haven’t seen a girl on whose lips it doesn’t look good. The finish of this lipstick is matte and it takes a bit longer to apply it on my lips just right but after I do it this lipstick holds on for hours. And I think this is the only matte lipstick I can put up with.

Deborah Atomic Red – I wrote once how Deborah lipsticks were neglected and how that unfair was. And also you can read very rarely about them. And their quality is really great. They give your lips a nice fullness and healthy look and I really love them. This is a bit darker shade of red and it’s really high pigmented and you can apply it really easy. In the beginning it has a slight glow that fades within some time but the lipstick still looks really good.

Deborah Glossy stick is definitely a lipstick that won’t fit all. And it also isn’t a classic lipstick which you can also see in the name of it. This is for sure a lipstick that I wear the most when red colors and shades are in question because it’s light to wear in everyday combinations and you can easily touch it up any time because you don’t need a mirror for that and you won’t miss. Why did I say this wasn’t going to fit everyone? Because this lipstick really isn’t highly pigmented, on contrary I’d say that the pigmentation quite low is (you can see that also on the photo). It’s also not very long lasting. But exactly because of the easy applying and the comfortable feeling on my lips it’s a real hit for me. The shade is something between berry and color of the wine.

L’Oreal Ruby Opera is a liquid lipstick that has a slight shimmer in it and it reflects really nicely in the sun. In the beginning it looks like you have a sort of polish on your lips. Its durability is approximately 4 hours but without the food or drinks. After about an hour it starts to loose it’s starting glow. The pigmentation is good and it has a different applicator than the other classic lipsticks. It actually looks like a lip gloss exactly because of the applicator itself.

In the sea of the red lipstick I did this on purpose and specially mentioned these four lipstick here because considering their finishing, pigmentation and all combined they are different that the others. I really believe that you all going to find a different lipstick that is your favorite depending on the type of the lipstick you prefer. Their prices are in the range from 50 to 150 Croatian Kuna, and if I’m not mistaking only MAC is approximately 150 Croatian Kuna.

Do you like red color? What is your favorite red lipstick and nail polish?
Until next time, a lot of kisses and hugs :***


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