7 Shades Of… PINK


7 nijansi roze

I’ve picked 7 different decorative cosmetics products that I’m very fond of and somehow I also think to continue writing the 7 shades posts every month and continue this until I exhaust all the ideas. I saw this idea with some German bloggers but I never really had enough time to get the idea to live and I really think is a nice one. And now let’s continue with the products.

essie lakovi

Let’s start with the Essie nail polishes which birds on the trees are singing already how much I love those. The colors are: Pinky Happy and Funny Face. Pink Happy color I already described in some of my posts. These shades are very similar, although the Funny Face is a bit gentler version of the pink color. Both shades are long lasting on your nails so I find these a great choice for the summer months when I’m really not into doing my nails all the time. One has a thinner brush and the other one a thicker one because one was bought in Croatian stores and the other one I ordered online.

nyx butter gloss

Next are again two similar colors and those are NYX Butter glosses shades: Strawberry Parfait and Sugar Cookie. Lovely, creamy, fuchsia shades. If you still didn’t try these butter glosses I can only say go ahead and try them because they’re so creamy in texture, they’re not sticky at all and they won’t dry your lips out. I already have about 8 of them and I can only say I love them.

chanel tumulte

Channel blush Tumulte shade was some kind of a reckless shopping because my relation with their blushes is a love – hate one. But in the end the love blossomed because with the Elf brush it’s very easy to apply and it’s also easy to blend. This is a baby pink shade that will look much better on girls with a lighter skin tone but that doesn’t worry me to much because I really like how it looks on my skin in the winter period. This shade has an almost matte finish and I think for those of you who like blushes with these kind of finish that you really going to like this blush.

And to end this post nicely I have two lipsticks for you. They wouldn’t be my first choice in the pink shades but I think they deserve to be shown. The first one is Deborah lipstick shade 8 and I picked this one just because I still didn’t have any chance to write about Deborah lipsticks. And they are really great in quality. They have great pigmentation and only one layer is enough and also they’re very long lasting on your lips. They give your lips a nice fullness and they don’t dry your lips out. This is a fuchsia shade that looks slightly reddish. The second lipstick is Maybelline 902 Fuchsia Flash but my name for this one would be Barbie is jealous because it really reminds me of the Barbie lip color. These are possibly my favorite drugstore range lipsticks because the range of the price and the quality is great and the choice in colors is really big. Their pigmentation is good, they last long on your lips, they won’t dry your lips out and also they won’t smudge over the edges of your lips.

These would be the 7 products I picked in the pink color. Which one do you like the most and do you even like the pink color?


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