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Hello, my lovelies,

I hope you like summer and you’re enjoying it. Longer time now, I didn’t write any new in posts because for the last 3 months I was on the no-buy regime. Yes, yes, you’ve read right.
Let’s say I summed everything up and I decided to empty all of the supplies I have and it was also time to buy some new summer clothing. Some of the things you’re going to see I bought a while ago so they’re empty and some of them I got as a gift. I don’t have photos for all of the products, but I think the photos I have will be completely enough.

l'oreal i kerastase

You all already know how much I like Kerastase shampoos’, but considering their price is a bit high, I’ve decided to find some cheaper alternatives and the choice fell to L’Oréal shampoos and this pink version Vitamino Color I find really genius. Intense Repair version is also great, but this pink one really felt right for me. L’Oréal Profiber revive I didn’t get the chance to try out just yet so I don’t have anything to say about it at this moment.

Kerastase therapiste serum also got its own review because I find it’s that good so I won’t talk much about it now. I’m using it now also at the seaside and I can only say I still love it.

naked palete

Urban Decay Naked palette I got as a gift from my husband for our 2nd marriage anniversary and you can also read separate posts about them. The links for them are Naked 2 and Naked 3.

The liquid lipstick mania didn’t bypass me so I bought the Sleek Matte me and NYX Liquid Suede. The Sleek in the shade Birthday suit I already gave away because it was simply drying my lips out too much and on my lips, it looks somehow orange, but the NYX I simply love. Long time ago I treated myself with the YSL lipstick and I love it but the price is too high. I also wrote a post about it so click on the link to see the swatches.

Over iHerb I ordered a ton of lip balms because I can’t seem to stop losing them, and this Palmer’s I simply adore so I bought it again and I ended up ordering one for my friend too. Sierra Bees lip balms I sometimes love and sometimes I’m not so thrilled with them, I guess it depends on the state my lips are in.

lierac serumi

I wrote recently about the Lierac serums and I just love this Hydragenist and considering I’ve almost emptied it, I definitely have to buy it again.

afrodita haul

Afrodita always sends the most beautiful packages and they really surprise me every time. The marmalade oil I’m using every day and I love it and I already have a nice skin tone no matter the fact that I’m only going to the beach after 5 pm because I don’t want to go earlier because of my baby. Their shower gels are as usual, very good, except for the fact that the fragrance of this Secret Garden is a bit too strong for my taste. I’ve used their facial cream last year and I can only say good things about it.

mixa haul

Mixa also surprised with their novelties so my baby and I are looking forward to trying them out so you’re going to have to wait a while to hear our first impressions.

uriage kreme za sunčanje

Uriage filled my cream supply with these two creams and it protected me from the dangerous sun rays and this pigmented cream is indeed a real surprise to me but I think that this shade is going to be a bit to light for my complexion during the summer.

caudalie maske

The Caudalie masks I bought a long time ago, but I stumbled upon their photo so I said to myself why not put them in also. The hydrating cream is my favorite and it’s a small thing when I say how much I adore it and I’m thinking of buying the bug version when I empty this one.

If something caught your eye and I didn’t write a review about it yet, let me know and I’ll write one in no time.

What did you buy recently? What do you like the most from the novelties I posted?


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