PS… Micellar Water – review

Hello, last couple of weeks I’ve been really active so we’re going to continue at full pace. You simply can’t have too much of micellar waters so here goes another review about them. PS is a Primark cosmetics brand and you can find it in their stores. In Ireland, Primark really means Penneys but it’s […]

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream – review

Hi everyone, I believe all of you heard about this cream and it’s not an unknown item for any of you. Having in mind I’ve already emptied a couple of packs and decided to buy it again, I’ve also decided to write my opinion about it. For women with the visible signs of sensitive, dehydrated, […]


Hello there my lovelies, for today I prepared a review of the L’Oreal two-phase eye and lip make-up remover that was already once in my monthly favorites. L’Oreal two-phase make-up remover is intended to remove waterproof and long-lasting make-up. The product comes in a plastic bottle in the amount of 125 ml with the expiration […]

AVON Nutra Effects Micellar Water – Review

Hello everyone, Today one quick review of Avon micellar cleansing water. I think that each brand, and I really mean every single one of them out there has their own micellar solution and I want to say I’m really glad because of that. Because that way everyone can find a micellar that will fit their […]

L’OREAL SUBLIME FRESH – Deep Pure Foaming Water

Hi everyone, up until now you could’ve noticed I’m writing a lot about face cleaning products and that I simply love to try new products in this category. I’ve been avoiding foams for too long now because I’ve been thinking they’re going to dry my skin out and then I decided to finally put an […]

BYPHASSE Micellar Water – Review

HI everyone, Approximately 2 months ago the Spanish brand BYPHASSE arrived. On that occasion I bought the micellar solution and the milk from the same brand and I also plan to try their tonic when I finally empty the supplies I have stashed at home. The milk I still haven’t used but the micellar solution […]

Guide to Using a Derma roller

Skin damage occurs to everyone mostly due to aging, but other factors can also be involved. Outside factors like overexposure to the sun, smoking or being around smokers, and toxins in the environment all damage the skin. Skin care issues like acne and stretch marks also contribute to the problem. With so many causes, it’s […]

Pixi Glow tonic – review

Hi everyone! Pixi glow tonic is one of the products that was really hype as a great and perfect product and, of course, I had to test it. But since I already had my favorites among tonics I ended up postponing the purchase of it constantly. But, as you can see here, I finally gave […]

Afrodita Event and Presentation Of The Novelties

Hello my lovelies, On Monday I had the opportunity to participate in the Afrodita event so I hurried to type my impression on that one and also to present you some of the novelties arriving from their workshop. I love Afrodita products and one of my favorites is their Sugar scrub. The event itself was […]

Afrodita Cream Shower Gels – Review

For today I have for you a short post on Afrodita shower products that was written long ago but unfortunately I forgot to post it. But it’s never too late to give a good product a review. These shower gels come in a flat, plastic bottles in the amount of 250 ml and the price […]

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