Monthly Favorites – November 2014


favoriti mjeseca studeni

I know I’m late with my favorites for this month but the weather for taking photos was really bad. And that’s the real reason all of my posts are late because I like when my photos look good. And since every day was raining the photos looked really bad. This month I didn’t use to much makeup so I don’t have too much favorites. I was constantly holding onto one look. It happens often with me that I really like something and I stick to that for a while. I don’t know how you feel, but for me this November like flew by; I had a lot of things to do. And by the look so far it seems like December is going to be the same so it can happen that my post will be late again. This month my apartment needs a new color, I’m attending my pregnancy class, I need to prepare the room and stuff for my baby and also holydays are approaching. So much and even more to do, but I don’t want to put more of my obligations to bother you with, so I’m going to continue with my last months favorites.

kerastase šampon za kosu

KERASTASE discipline shampoo – recently I changed my hair routine because it was really dry and I don’t know if you can remember my tangle problems so I decided to finally change my shampoo (and actually everything I’ve been using so far) and I finally decided to try the Kerastase products. I was constantly put of by their high prices, but recently they were on some kind of a discount so by mistake I bought two of them. I was thinking I also bought the conditioner with the shampoo, but what can you do, sometimes I can be a bit off Anyways, I had really high expectations from this shampoo and it fulfilled those expectations fully. This shampoo does wonders for my hair. So, for the first time in, I really don’t know how many years, after I washed my hair it wasn’t tangled and I really have problems with that so u can find small tangled masses after I wash it. I can’t even describe you how amazed I was when that didn’t happen. I’m really more than pleased with this shampoo and I could only write praises on it, but in a couple of days I’m going to give it its own review because this shampoo really deserves that.

KMS CALIFORNIA free shape quick blow dry – when I first started to use this product I was thinking how it’s really nothing special, but now after using it a while I think how I like it more and more every time. Considering my hair is long and really thick and it takes really a long time to dry this spray was like made for me in this winter period. It shortens my hair drying time by 7 minutes and sometimes that is really a lot especially when I’m in a hurry. When I empty this one, I’m ordering a bigger package. Only one thing, I wouldn’t recommend it to people with really dry hair because it could dry it out even more.

afrodita maslac eos krema

AFRODITA body butter with jojoba oil and shea butter – recently I wrote about Afrodita scrub, which is really my favorite, and with that one I also use this butter that is also really great. After I emptied the lotion from Balea it was time to go back to using the good old butter. I think this is my second package and it was like made for me in this winter period and I really love its caramel aroma. It’s really easy to spread it over your skin and my skin it’s really soft after I use it and while I’m using it I don’t have any problems with dry skin.

EOS cream/hand lotion – just so you know L’occitane shea cream is my favorite considering hand creams, but since this year there was no real winter and my hands are not so dry I decided to give the chance to some other products that are made for that purpose and I can say that this cream is pretty good. It absorbs very fast and it makes my hands soft and gentle so I’m going to try and test it in the period when I have bigger problems with my skin because I think it could be really good.

dior puder

DIOR star face powder – finally I decided to move a bit away from my MAC powders and after a few good reviews I read I decided for this new Dior star powder. I have to admit that I’m really overjoyed with it. Its cover power is I’d say middle but you can boost it up, but I’m not doing that at all because I find it looks the best with one layer. It doesn’t dry out the skin at all and after an hour after you applied it, it looks even better. My shade is 033 and maybe in couple of months it’ll be a bit to dark for me but in the time I bought it, it was perfect.

OPI Danke Shiny Red nail polish
– the other day I also wrote a review on this nail polish and you can read it here. Although its durability is not its stronger side, I was still wearing it in November almost all the time because I fell in love with the color itself.

mac angel

On my lips, for the whole month I wore the combinations of MAC angel lipstick and NYX butter gloss shade Tiramisu. These two shades fit so good together and I get one of my favorite nude colors. I know I promised to write a review on the NYX butter gloss, but considering the weather it was impossible.

In case I wanted to wear something stronger on my lips then that was the new REVLON colorstay moisture stain shade Parisian Passion. That is one of the novelties Revlon has and it will be available in our stores next year. I was watching some videos on youtube and I instantly fell in love with those and I ordered five of them right then and I don’t really know which shade I find more beautiful. And I hope I can show them to you in one of my next posts.

Regarding cosmetics, that would be all, but for today I’m going to give you also a few of non cosmetic favorites.

s.fresh mist

S.fresh mist happy clean – is a fragrant refreshing natural mist for your home and I spray it all day long all over my apartments. If you like the baby powder and fresh washed clothes fragrance then this product is exactly for you. I love that aroma and what’s also great is that it stays long in the room.

The other things that I really found amazing are Lily Flame Chocolate Truffle candle and Air Wick candle. Air Wick has an aroma of sweet children chewing gums and Lily flame is a true choco after which you’re going to want to have a piece.

favoriti mjeseca studeni 2014

How do you like my favorites? What did you like the most in the last month?


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