Monthly Favorites – January 2015


    favoriti mjeseca siječnja

    Oh, yes, I know we’re about to be in the month of March in a couple of days and I’m only now posting about this months favorites. But I really didn’t have time to do this sooner and I don’t like to miss this post. For February there won’t be any because most of the month I spent at home and I didn’t use decorative cosmetics very much. But now I have more time to test the preparative cosmetics. Although I’m spending a lot of my time at home now I still use some light make up because as you might have know, I can’t stand the bags under my eyes so I’m not giving up on using the concealer and some blush every day. Even before I was going to head to the hospital to have my baby I managed to wash my hair and put some concealer on. For now, I already have a lot of the review written for a lot of product so I’m going to leave you the links so you can easily follow those and read. And now let’s continue with my favorites.

    Revlon uniq one tretman za kosu

    1. Revlon uniq one hair treatment – this hair treatment I used to use all the time before and I really loved it. But since I have so many of the hair products this one was left neglected for a while now. A couple of months ago I started to put this one in ma routine again and now I’m using it in a way that I wash my hair and dry it with a towel then spray this product in my hair and then wrap it in a towel again. I leave it like that for about ten minutes and then I start to dry my hair. And I also sometimes put it on my hair ends after I finished drying my hair. It makes my hair nice and soft and it helps with my tangling problems. And you all know by now I have problems with that.

    L'oreal dvofazni odstranjivač

    2. L’Oreal two phase eye and lips make up remover – this is a great eye make up remover. It doesn’t sting or irritate your eyes and it removes my eye shadows and my mascara really great. It didn’t dry the skin around my eyes out. I didn’t use it for my lips so I can’t really say how good it works with the lipstick removing but I’m going to test that too.

    Vichy aqualia thermal serum

    3. Vichy aqualia thermal serum – I already emptied half of this serum and it’s really a small thing to say I love it, because I adore it. For a while; I’ve been using this in the morning and in the evening and now I use it only in my morning routine. My skin was really dehydrated and this serum helped me a lot with that problem and now my face looks awesome.

    Look by Bipa maskara

    4. Look by Bipa mascara – this mascara was a true revelation for me, and a really affordable one. I like it’s effect a lot so for a while I neglected all my other mascaras.

    Artdeco high precision tuš za oči

    5. Artdeco high precision eyeliner – the eyeliner is something my make up routine can’t go without and lately I love this one. It’s precise and long lasting and that’s really all I’m looking in an eyeliner.

    6. Bumpy road salve and Love & Toast lip butter – two products that saved me in January when I was constantly having a cold, my lips were dry and the skin around my nose was really in a bad shape from all the nose blowing and bumpy road really saved me here. It still continues to help me and I’m using it every day on the skin between my fingers because my hands are in the water a lot so those parts get dried out easily. I also wrote a review on these products so you can read more about them in my post.

    MAC Syrup ruž

    7. MAC Syrup lipstick– this is one of my favorite MAC lipsticks because you can combine this shade with any look you have and it’s also ideal to wear it on every-day basis. This is from the MAC lustre line that has a slight glossy finish. It’s lasting for about 4 hours and it doesn’t dry your lips out. The shade is somehow nude pink from my point-of-view but it doesn’t look so in this photo.

    Sleek blush u nijansi Rose Gold

    8. Sleek blush shade Rose Gold – I’ve only recently made my first order with Sleek products and I was mostly interested in their blushes so I ended up buying three shades in the end. But this here pink-peachy shade with a golden shimmer I was using the most. This blush is, as they say, dupe for Nars Orgasm, but this I can’t claim because I don’t have that one myself. This blush is really good pigmented and I have to be careful not to overdo it and it’s really long-lasting. I also think I’m going to use this blush more often during the summer.

    Essie lak za nokte u nijansi Leading Lady

    9. Essie nail polish Leading Lady color – for a change I’ve been using the glitter nail polish. I mostly avoid glitter nail polishes because they’re hard to remove. But this nail polish really amazed me with its color so I didn’t pay much attention to the removing part. Deep red shade with a bit lighter glitter in it. It takes to apply to layers so it would look the same as it looks in the bottle and it will hold for sure for 5 days. But now it’s really about time I stop with the dark nail polish colors and it’s time I put some lighter colors in my stash because the spring is coming closer and closer.

    So, those were my January favorites but for the February I plan to skip that post as I already said in the beginning of my post today. So I’m going to continue with my favorites in April because I believe I’m going to have more time in March to try and test some new products.

    Do we maybe share some common favorites? What products are your favorites?



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