Monthly Favorites – December 2014


favoriti mjeseca prosinac

We’re almost at the half of this month and I’m only now writing my December favorites post. The reason behind that is because I was thinking I maybe won’t type this post because it seemed like they’re the same as the month before. But still then I found some products that I really used a lot and it would be a shame not to introduce them. And with all that I also lent my sister my camera and she gave it back only yesterday. I wont write about my years favorites because I really wouldn’t be able to decide which ones would those be among all of the products I tried in the last year. And I’m always under the impression of my recently used and loved products so it wouldn’t really be fair to all the rest.

mac matchmaster i revolution paleta

MAC matchmaster foundation shade number 2 was the absolute favorite of the last month. I think it was already in some of my favorites and now the shade fits me again and I used it really almost every day. I already emptied a couple of bottles of this foundation and I really love it. Last month I bought the Dior foundation but then I realized I’m really a fast consumer so then again I transferred to this one. Tit has a light texture, with light to average coverage and it never made any mess on my face which happens on a regular basis with all the other foundations.

From all the palettes I got, Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 palette is finally enlisted in the intensive usage list and it became very fast one of my favorite things for my daily looks. Before this one I didn’t even think to use any other beside my Misslyn palette. But on some of those eye shadows I touched the bottom and it was the time to shift to all the other ones I have in my stash. So, this palette is, like I already wrote, perfect for daily looks, its pigmentation is really good, these eye shadows don’t crumble and with a base they will hold really for a long time.

maybelline berry ready

Maybelline whisper lipstick Berry Ready shade is a beautiful berry color. This lipstick is light and its pigmentation isn’t very high so I ended up wearing it in my other daily alternatives. And also, another positive thing is that it doesn’t dry out my lips. It stays on your lips for maximum of 3 hours so for some of you that might be a problem.

I was always wearing this lipstick in the combination with the Makeup Revolution lip gloss shade Hot. Lately, I started to use lip glosses very often and I actually surprised myself with this one. This combination of a lipstick and a lip gloss was really ideal so I plan to use them in a combination for as long as I don’t get bored with this.

This last month I’ve been using the EOS Strawberry Sorbet really all the time because it was neglected in all the mass shopping of the many lip balms and with all the testing I had going on.

essence tuš za oči

Essence liquid ink eyeliner
can easily go into all my next months favorites even now because I’ve been using it for years now. It’s a real shame not to mention it once in a while considering it’s so good. You draw the line with this one very easily and precisely, it lasts long enough and the price is really good.

Another eyeliner for this month that was used really a lot is the Illamasqua golden liner. It fit in perfectly into this holiday season. It’s applied really easily and it will last for hours. It literally stays out when you once apply it.

essie nothing else metals

Considering the nail polishes, that I wore and loved the most, I think OPI Danke Shiny Red was the one, from my last months favorites. But with this one I also used Essie Nothing Else Metals. This is one really specific silver – metal – lavender color. It’s applied extremely easy and you can also apply it in only one layer and the coverage will be really good. Although, I’m always applying two layers. And it will last for 5 days on your nails without any problem.

matrix ulje za kosu

And also one hair product that I am really thrilled about. That is the Matrix Exquisite Oil. Hair oil that has a beautiful fragrance and its quality is even better. I put it on my hair ends and they have this beautiful gloss after I use the oil and you can really see that it nourishes. It’s quite oily but it doesn’t make my hair extra heavy or oily.

So, here you have my last months favorites. And for my preparative cosmetics for the last month, I didn’t have much favorites because all the products are still in some of the test phase states so maybe next month I will have more for you.

Did any of my favorites caught your eye? Which ones are those? What are your favorites for the last month?


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