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    max factor

    Hi everyone,

    It seems like this winter I’ve gone completely crazy about nude colors, so it happened that my discount for the weekend of the preparative cosmetics, in Kozmo drug stores, I used to buy a couple of nude lipsticks and today I want to write about two of the Max Factor lipsticks. Somehow, it seems to me that these lipsticks are somehow left behind, but on the other hand, the fact doesn’t surprise me too much because it feels like their assortment has been, more-less, pretty much the same in the last years. I own two of their lipsticks, but they are some kind of red shades so I haven’t been using them too much. But one of my friends was wearing on couple occasions some really beautiful colors on her lips and every time I asked, her answer was Max Factor and I was kind of surprised so we ended up using the Kozmo discounts together 😊

    max factor lipstickBurnt Caramel, Rosewood

    The colors I chose are Rosewood 833 and Burnt Caramel 745. These lipsticks come in a plastic, golden packaging that seems pretty solid to me. When you’re closing them, you can hear the familiar click so you don’t have to be scared how one is going to open in your purse. On the bottom of the packaging, you can see the number and the name of the color and also what it looks like. The expiration period is 3 months. The price you’re going to pay for these lipsticks is 65 HRK (mine were bought at a discount for about 50 HRK) and you can buy them in DM drugstores, Bipa, Kozmo.

    max factor burnt caramelBurnt Caramel

    Burnt CaramelBurnt Caramel

    The lipsticks texture is creamy and they are very good pigmented. They won’t dry out your lips at all and therefore are very comfortable to wear. Their lasting isn’t that great and I’d say they’re going to stay on your lips for about 4 hours and then you’ll have to apply them again. In case you’re eating or drinking something, they won’t last for sure. The lipsticks are very easy to apply and you can do it also without a mirror. They won’t smudge around your lips, but if you want to make them last longer, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use the lip liner as a base. They have an aroma of a sort, but frankly, I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s comfortable and when you’re wearing it, you won’t even feel it on your lips. I didn’t post any photos of how they look on my lips because they were somehow too bright which is not a fact in real life and the colors came out completely different.


    max factor rosewoodRosewood

    These two colors are very alike and in fact, there was no need to buy both of them, but like you’ve already known, I’m kind of a lipstick junkie 😃 Rosewood is a nude shade that has a pink streak to it while the Burnt Caramel has a brownish pigment to it. To me, these two colors are both very nice colors for your day look and they are one of those lipsticks you can always use if you’re not quite sure which would go best for that day.

    In case you like this kind of classic, hydrating lipsticks, then you have all of the recommendations from me for these lipsticks. And in case you like long lasting permanent matte lipsticks, then I’d recommend you to skip these for sure. In the end, it all depends on what you prefer. With each passing day, I’m becoming more of a fan of the matte lipsticks, and still, I reach out for lipsticks like these here. In any case, I’m very satisfied.

    Have you been using the Max Factor lipstick already? Do you like colors like these?



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