LOOK BY BIPA Lash Unlimited Mascara – Review


look by bipa maskara

Mascaras are my cosmetic fetish when decorative cosmetics are in question, together with the lipsticks and eyeliners. This is something I buy the most and I use them all the time. Although I also noticed I’m going to add blushes to that category too. I’m a hyper fan of mascaras and it happens that I always have a couple of mascaras open at the same time and I keep rotating them so today you can read a review of one pretty cheap mascara.

I know I read a couple of positive things about this mascara a while ago but considering Bipa is a bit out of reach for me so I ended up forgetting about it completely. And then, when I was in Bipa store the last time, it lured me with its neon pink packaging and I just had to buy it. The product comes in the amount of 9,5 ml with the expiration date of 6 months and the price is 25 Croatian Kuna.

look by bipa maskara recenzija

The mascara brush is a classical brush, it’s quite thin which is something I really like because you can apply it precisely. And the tip of it is even thinner so you can really cover every lash with it. I don’t know how you like it, but I’m really a bigger fan of these classic brushes than of those rubber ones.

On the brush itself you can see really a big amount of the product and maybe it looks a bit messy at first but when I was applying it for the first time I was really pleasantly surprised how good my lashes were looking with only one layer and I can say that on regular basis I’m not even using the second layer at all. And I really don’t have the luscious lashes you can see in the commercials.

look by bipa maskara četkica

So, speaking of the effect and applying I find this mascara really great, especially if you apply it in two layers. You won’t get any cloths and my lashes aren’t sticky after use.

The negative about this mascara is that it sometimes smudges under my eyes but that is not always the case. It happens maybe after 5 hours and it irritates me a bit because I like it for my mascara to look good until I decide to take it off.
The other thing I don’t like is that the packaging gets really dirty only after a couple of uses and it gets black and I have to clean it all the time. But this isn’t that big of a minus also. It’s only annoying.

Look by Bipa Lash Unlimited maskara

Considering the removing of the mascara, it’s not a waterproof one so you can remove it with normal eye make-up removers without any trouble.

This mascara has its up- and down-sides but I really liked the effect it gives my lashes so for 25 Croatian Kuna I would buy it again for sure and I like it better than the Essence mascaras with which I’m not to pleased.

Since I still have a bad cold and I look really bad I didn’t take a photo of the mascara so you can see the effect with one and two layers. But I have a photo that is a bit older but I’m wearing the same mascara in one layer after a couple hours of applying it so I’m not sure how much help it will be. I’m going to make a new photo as soon as I can make it.

Did you already try any Bipa mascaras? How do you like them?



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