Farmasi cosmetics – mini reviews

Hello my lovelies! Farmasi is a Turkish brand that sells their products on over 5 continents, in over 123 countries worldwide and its quality was recognized by over 350 million of users. They sell their products through catalogues but on their web page I saw that you can also buy their products online. Couple of […]

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte – Cher and Iced Mocha

Hi my lovelies, today, it’s time for one interesting post and it’s about Gerard Cosmetics liquid matte lipsticks. The delirium about matte lipsticks is still going on, but for me it took longer to fall in love with this trend considering my lips are very prone to drying out. But, of course, I gave in […]

Palmer’s Lip Balm – Review

Hi everyone, During the fall and winter time I have really big problems with my lips, and especially since I started to like matte lipsticks so much. This is the main reason I never have enough of hydration and care. I think I discovered this product a year or two ago and I still like […]


Hi everyone, I picked some of my favorite products in red from the decorative cosmetics. I’m always thinking when red color is in question about holidays, festivities. Must be because I’m wearing red lipsticks only on special occasions; well at least when the more vibrant shades are in question. I’ve put here 3 nail polishes […]


I’ve picked 7 different decorative cosmetics products that I’m very fond of and somehow I also think to continue writing the 7 shades posts every month and continue this until I exhaust all the ideas. I saw this idea with some German bloggers but I never really had enough time to get the idea to […]

AVON Hydrocolor 3D Lipstick – Revenge

My beauties, Today finally a review of a lipstick. Lipstick are, as you might’ve noticed one of my big loves and weaknesses, but I make a reviews of them rarely because I really have a hard time making a good photo with one on my lips, and when I make a photo of my face […]


My lovelies, Couple of days ago I got my package with L’oreal Color Riche Exclusive La Vie en Rose lipstick collection* and that’s why I decided to introduce these lipsticks today. Continue reading and find out what impression I had on them. (65)