LILY LOLO Blush – Shade Rosy Apple


Hello everyone,
it’s time for me to write about decorative cosmetics again and for today the choice fell on Lily Lolo blush shade Rosy Apple. This is a true fall color and it’s been very often on my cheeks during the last month so this was kind of a logical choice for my today’s review.

Lily Lolo blush I bought this spring following the recommendation by Ivana from the blog Roseybelle, but I used it really rarely in that period because during the summer I’m using really almost no make-up and I also considered this color to be maybe more of a fall color. I bought it over the Feelunique web page for the price of 8,49 £ and for this price you’re going to get 3,5 gram of the product. This product comes in 13 shades and there are different shades and finishes. This first comes in a cardboard box that I threw away and inside you find a round plastic box. The expiration period is 24 months.

lily lolo

Lily Lolo Rosy Apple is a mineral blush and to be honest this is my first mineral blush so I wasn’t really sure if I’m going to like it or not. When I tried this blush for the first time I looked like a real clown because I overdid it with the product. Ever since that happened I’m really careful and I apply this blush in a way that I only touch the blush lightly with my brush and I apply it on my cheeks and I repeat this step two times to get the shade I want. So, this blush is really highly pigmented so you need to be cautious but once you get used to that this shade will give you a wonderful fresh and healthy face look. Although is highly pigmented, its formula is somehow light and airy and you really don’t feel like you put something on your face.

lily lolo rosy apple

The Rosy Apple shade is a beautiful color and at first it seems like a coppery color but you can also notice the colors like light pink, also maybe even peachy with golden and reddish particles. And since the shimmer is a slightly golden I don’t need a highlighter when I’m using this blush.

The long lasting of this blush is great although I’ve been wearing it for maximum of 6 hours and I didn’t notice any difference from the moment I applied it. It’s very easy to blend also. And also this blush didn’t make any additional mess on my face.

I like this blush really a lot after I learned how to use it right and I would like to buy some other shade for sure. But next time I’m going to maybe go with the matte finish.

Have you already heard about the Lily Lolo brand and did you maybe try any of their products? How do you like this shade?



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