Hay everyone, I hope you are enjoying the summer, sunbathing and doing nothing. I’m again on a shorter vacation, but also this time the sunny weather isn’t so sunny so for today I decided to show you my favorite nail polish shades for this summer. It’s true I don’t separate the nail polishes or the […]

Monthly Favourites – June 2014

Hey everyone, We’re already in the first half Of the July, and I’m posting bout my favorites for June. I’ve been on a vacation for a while so for a while I didn’t post anything, but I only enjoyed in the summer as much as I could, considering there was so much rain that just […]

Monthly Favourites – May 2014

Sincerely, I can’t believe that we’re only a day apart from June and it’s time for new favorites. I don’t know how You feel, but for me May just flew by and I’m looking forward that the summer is closer and closer. The spring and the summer are my favorite seasons and I really enjoy […]